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Tony Wrench

In 1993, Tony Wrench developed the concept of “permaculture land”, a low-impact sustainable way of life that included self-building with local materials, appropriate technology, and food growing. In 1997, he and his partner built and moved into a low-impact roundhouse.

    Tony's Books

    Building a Low Impact Roundhouse, 4th edition

    Tony Wrench’s true and captivating story of his low-impact roundhouse helped shape Building a Low Impact Roundhouse, the “how to” manual for anyone interested in low-impact living or considering a self-built, affordable, and organic home. This third edition includes a ten-year update, a section on building a straw bale den, and sections on physical design. Advice on roofs, walls, floors, compost toilets, wood stoves, kitchens, windows, and planning permissions are included.


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