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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Tomm Stanley

Tomm Stanley

Tomm Stanley is an American who has been living in New Zealand since 1995. On his rural New Zealand property Tomm has created an environmentally friendly, off-the-grid lifestyle that provides a balance to his professional life as an international management consultant. His web-based business,, assists in funding his personal mission of restoring the former hillside farm, now infested with an imported plant weed, to its natural, forested state.

    Tomm's Books

    Stone House, Revised and Expanded

    A Guide to Building with Slipforms

    Stone House contains all the hard knowledge, helpful tips, and fresh ideas you'll need to successfully build a stone home of your own. Tomm Stanley, an international business consultant, active ecologist, and all around handyman—who decided to go for his dream of building his own house—leads you through the entire process. Using a lighthearted narrative approach, Tomm describes the trials and tribulations that accompanied the wonderful successes he experienced as a first-time self-builder creating his own house of stone.

    The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House

    Tomm Stanley entertains and educates adults and children alike about trees and their interactions with the environment.

    Stone House

    A Guide to Self-Building with Slipforms

    Stone House: A Guide to Self-Building with Slipforms contains all the information you'll need to successfully build a stone home for yourself; from clearing the raw building site to topping the stone walls in preparation for roof framing.

    Going Solar

    Understanding and Using the Warmth in Sunlight

    By distilling thousands of years of history and knowledge into one book, Tomm Stanley brings together the work of pioneering solar designers and some of the world's greatest scientists, along with a range of modern, practical solar-thermal applications for hands-on people.


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