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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Steve K. Chappell

Steve K. Chappell

Steve Chappell is a builder at heart and a teacher by nature. His journey in timber framing began on the northern coast of California in 1970, when, by chance, he joined a group of individuals in the construction of a joined timber frame. The group was led by a New Englander who grew up playing in his uncle's barn. Inspired by the experience, he moved to Maine in 1973 to study the buildings first hand. Building, teaching, and writing about the craft has been his passion ever since. As the founder and director of Fox Maple School of Traditional Building, Chappell has instructed hundreds of individuals over the past 15 years through hands-on workshops from Maine to California, New Mexico to Alaska, and across Canada. He is the Editor & Publisher of Joiners' Quarterly, The Journal of Timber Framing & Traditional Building, a magazine he founded in 1983, in which he has written extensively about timber framing and traditional building.

    Steve K.'s Books

    A Timber Framer's Workshop

    Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames

    A large collection of information on timber framing; the tools and technologies and the outcomes.


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