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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie brings a broad spectrum of life experience to his writing. He studied fine arts at the Museum School in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived the life of a Benedictine monk for seven years with the Brothers of the Weston Priory in Vermont. After leaving the monastery in 1992, he worked for three years as an apprentice at the Hawthorne Valley Biodynamic Farm in upstate New York. Since then, in partnership with his wife, Kerry Gawalt, he has made his living farming and gardening with draft horses. Currently, Stephen and Kerry and their daughter, Maeve Rose, manage an organic farm at the Cobb Hill Ecovillage in Hartland, Vermont.

    Stephen's Books

    The New Horse-Powered Farm

    Tools and Systems for the Small-Scale, Sustainable Market Grower

    The New Horse-Powered Farm sets the stage for incorporating draft power on the farm by presenting tips on getting started with horses, care of the work horse, different horse-training systems, and the merits of different draft breeds. The novice teamster is introduced to the basic tools of horse-drawn tillage and cultivation used for profitable horse-powered farming, with a spotlight on whole-farm management, as well as information on haying with horses, raising small grains, managing the woodlot, farm education, agritourism, and more.


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