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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred worked as a trainer, educator and social work manager for fifteen years in London before moving in 1995 to Scotland, where he founded the Findhorn Consultancy Service. Robin is trained in a wide variety of approaches to personal and organizational development, including: Appreciative Inquiry, the Frameworks for Change Coaching Process, Process Work, Spiral Dynamics, and Tools for Corporate Transformation.

    Robin's Books

    Beyond You and Me

    Inspirations and Wisdom for Building Community

    From the beginning of human history we lived in close-knit communities, but that ended in the mid-twentieth century when fossil-fuel energy enabled residents in industrialized countries to disperse and live isolated from one another. Beyond You and Me, the first volume in the Four Keys to Sustainable Communities series, is a practical anthology for anyone seeking to rebuild existing fragmented villages and communities, establish new group enterprises and ecovillages, and heal wounds of conflict and social division.


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