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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Paul Kindstedt

Paul Kindstedt

Paul Kindstedt is a Professor of Food Science in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont. He has authored numerous research articles and invited conference proceedings on dairy chemistry and cheese science, as well as many book chapters. He is also the co-author of American Farmstead Cheese (2005) with the Vermont Cheese Council, and has received national professional recognition for both his research and teaching. Kindstedt currently serves as the Co-Director of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont. He is married and blessed with three children who are the joy of his life.

    Paul's Books

    Cheese and Culture

    A History of Cheese and its place in Western Civilization

    A comprehensive look at the 9,000-year history of cheese, the ways in which it has shaped civilization, and what it can tell us about the future of food. Cheese and Culture endeavors to advance our appreciation of cheese origins by viewing human history through the eyes of a cheese scientist.

    This tour through cheese history offers a useful lens through which to view our twenty-first-century attitudes toward cheese that we have inherited from our past, and our attitudes about the food system more broadly.

    American Farmstead Cheese

    The Complete Guide to Making and Selling Artisan Cheeses

    American Farmstead Cheese brings the science and history of farm cheeses from Europe and early America to small farm businesses today.


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