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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Max O. Lindegger

Max O. Lindegger

Max O. Lindegger is a teacher in the disciplines of sustainable systems. His dynamic teaching style is born of thirty years of hands-on experience and leadership in the design and implementation of practical, workable solutions to the challenges of sustainability. Max has taught ecovillage design and permaculture courses in more than twenty-four countries. He was the creator, and for many years a director, of the Oceania/Asia secretariat of the Global Ecovillage Network. As a designer, Max was a primary partner in the design and development of the Habitat Award-winning Crystal Waters Permaculture village in Queensland, Australia. He has designed and consulted on numerous community developments including the Spiers Project (South Africa), Gqunubie Green (South Africa), the Living & Learning Centre (Sri Lanka), Vatukarasa Village (Fiji), the Garopaba Project (Brazil), and Malt Farm (Australia).

    Max's Books

    Designing Ecological Habitats

    Creating a Sense of Place

    Designing Ecological Habitats is the third volume in the Four Keys to Sustainable Communities series. It explores humanity’s limits to growth, problems arising from climate change, habitat destruction, population growth, and resource depletion. The designs and practices featured in this book include practical, low-carbon solutions already being tested in ecovillages, sustainable communities, and projects around the world.


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