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Mark Laxer

Long ago, Mark Laxer's quest to understand The Bigger World landed him in the inner circle of a brilliant, sensitive, charismatic meditation teacher gone mad. After writing Take Me For A Ride and weathering a $30 million lawsuit, Laxer continued the quest by studying what it means to be human from a biological, anthropological, and mythological point of view. Laxer runs a storytelling gathering and a wildlife conservation organization. In 2004, he invented virtual ecotourism.

    Mark's Books

    The Monkey Bible

    A Modern Allegory

    The Monkey Bible is the story of Emmanuel, a young college bound Christian man who suddenly has reason to suspect that his genetic make-up, and indeed the story of his creation, is not what he had thought it had been. Dismayed and seemingly alienated from his Church, Emmanuel journeys around the world in search of his genetic and spiritual origins, identity, and community.


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