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Les Crowder

Les Crowder is the coauthor of Top-Bar Beekeeping. He has devoted his entire adult life to the study and care of honeybees. Dedicated to finding organic and natural solutions for problems commonly treated with chemicals, he designed his own top-bar hives and set about discovering how to treat disease and genetic weaknesses through plant medicine and selective breeding. He has been a leader in his community, having served as New Mexico's honeybee inspector and president of the New Mexico Beekeepers Association. He is an avid storyteller and has spoken annually at the NM Organic Farm Conference for over fifteen years. Les is also a certified teacher and enjoys teaching children Spanish and science.

Les has three wonderful children: Emily, Peter, and Ben. He is currently married to Heather Harrell, and they work their bees and certified organic/biodynamic farm together, where they raise sheep and poultry as well as honeybees.

    Les's Upcoming Events

    • Heather Harrell at Making Beeswax Products
      , Penasco NM
      October 26, 2014, 10:00 am

      Heather Harrell, the coauthor of "Top-Bar Beekeeping," will be in Penasco, NM on October 26th between 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM for a Making Beeswax Products workshop. This class will look at techniques for refining wax, and then turning it into nutritive products for the body, as well as candles and ornaments for family and friends. The farm offers us medicinal herbs to work with, and you will talk about making infusions, herbal honeys and salves and lip balms from these wonderful herbs. Each of these classes includes a farm prepared lunch and costs $100. Class size is limited to six participants and students may register for all four classes held at the farm for $350.

    Les's Books

    Top-Bar Beekeeping Set

    This book + DVD set combines Top-Bar Beekeeping by Les Crowder and Heather Harrell, with an instructional DVD by the authors on how to use top-bar hives.

    Top-Bar Beekeeping with Les Crowder and Heather Harrell (DVD)

    In this instructive video, New Mexico beekeeper Les Crowder shares his thirty years' experience in developing best practices for working with bees in top-bar hives. Les and Heather Harrell, authors of Top-Bar Beekeeping (Chelsea Green, 2012) discuss everything from hive management techniques to how to harvest and process honey and beeswax to the best plants to grow for the foraging bees.

    Top-Bar Beekeeping

    Organic Practices for Honeybee Health

    Top-Bar Beekeeping provides complete information on hive management and other aspects of using these innovative hives. All home and hobbyist beekeepers who have the time and interest in keeping bees should consider the natural, low-stress methods outlined in this book. It will also appeal to home orchardists, gardeners, and permaculture practitioners who look to bees for pollination as well as honey or beeswax.


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