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John Taylor

John S. Taylor is an architectural designer and artist living in New Hampshire. His architectural work incorporates many green strategies, from passive solar heating to sustainable materials. He is also the founder and director of Children's Design Collaborative, a nonprofit educational program for K-12 students that uses hands-on, architecture-related projects as a platform for interdisciplinary education. His co-career in fine art is concentrated in landscape and still-life oil painting. His online gallery can be visited at

    John's Books

    Just Enough House

    Creating All the Home You Want with Just the Space You Need

    John S. Taylor’s Just Enough House helps people determine how much house is enough to comfortably accommodate our needs while respecting climate and resource issues and reducing our overall ecological footprint on the world. This book is a well-illustrated, practical guide that takes readers through the step-by-step process of designing an efficient and appealing home. It takes into account the increasing material, energy, and monetary cost of overbuilt “conventional” homes and fortifies the counter-trend of building smaller, smarter houses that are elegant, comfortable, and functional. The book should be required reading for all green-minded designers, builders, and owner-builders who wish to build and live in a less wasteful way.


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