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Our Chelsea Green Authors : George Draffan

George Draffan

George Draffan is a forest activist, public interest investigator, and corporate muckraker. He is the author of The Elite Consensus, A Primer on Corporate Power, and co-author of Railroads & Clearcuts. For the past fifteen years he has provided research services and training to citizens and public interest groups that are investigating and challenging corporate power. Some of his work can be found at Endgame, a project of the Public Information Network.

    George's Books

    Welcome to the Machine

    Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control

    Derrick Jensen and George Draffan reveal the modern culture of the machine, where corporate might makes technology right, government money feeds the greed for mad science, and absolute surveillance leads to absolute control.

    Strangely Like War

    The Global Assault on Forests

    Jensen and Draffan lay bare the stark scenario we face unless rampant deforestation is slowed and stopped.


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