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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Gene Logsdon

Gene Logsdon

A prolific nonfiction writer, novelist, and journalist, Gene Logsdon has published more than two dozen books, both practical and philosophical. Gene's nonfiction works include Gene Everlasting, A Sanctuary of Trees, Holy Shit, Small-Scale Grain Raising, Living at Nature's Pace, and The Contrary Farmer. His most recent novel is Pope Mary and the Church of Almighty Good Food.

He writes a popular blog, The Contrary Farmer, as well as an award-winning column for the Carey (OH) Progressor Times, and is a regular contributor to Farming magazine and Draft Horse Journal. He lives and farms in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

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    Gene's Books

    Gene Everlasting

    A Contrary Farmer's Thoughts on Living Forever

    Gene Everlasting contains the reflections, by turns both humorous and heart-wrenching, on nature, death, and eternity, all from a contrary farmerĺs perspective. Logsdon recounts joys and tragedies from his childhood in the 1930s and '40s spent on an Ohio farm, through adulthood and child-raising, all the way up to his recent bout with cancer, always with an eye toward the lessons that farming has taught him about life and its mysteries.

    A Sanctuary of Trees

    Beechnuts, Birdsongs, Baseball Bats, and Benedictions

    A philosophical look at woodlands, forest gardening, and what humans can learn from wood.

    Holy Shit

    Managing Manure To Save Mankind

    With his trademark humor, his years of experience writing about both farming and waste management, and his uncanny eye for the small but important details, Logsdon artfully describes how to manage farm manure, pet manure and human manure to make fertilizer and humus.

    Small-Scale Grain Raising, Second Edition

    An Organic Guide to Growing, Processing, and Using Nutritious Whole Grains for Home Gardeners and Local Farmers

    More and more Americans are seeking out locally grown foods, yet one of the real stumbling blocks to their efforts has been finding local sources for grains, which are grown mainly on large, distant corporate farms. At the same time, commodity prices for grains´┐Żand the products made from them´┐Żhave skyrocketed due to rising energy costs and increased demand. In this book, Gene Logsdon proves that anyone who has access to a large garden or small farm can (and should) think outside the agribusiness box and learn to grow healthy whole grains or beans´┐Żthe base of our culinary food pyramid´┐Żalongside their fruits and vegetables.

    Living at Nature's Pace

    Farming & the American Dream

    The Contrary Farmer revisits the state of farming in America with good sense and regret for what might have been. Along the way, he gives us good pointers for getting back to an authentic way of living in harmony with the Earth.

    The Contrary Farmer

    Gene Logsdon combines vegetable gardening, raising livestock, pastures, grains and woodlots to create "cottage farming" for fun and profit. Logsdon's ebullient sense of humor and devotion to the land are apparent through stories and anecdotes about contrary farming.

    Good Spirits

    A New Look at Ol' Demon Alcohol

    Gene brings us back to the history, traditions, and pleasures of small-scale, do-it-yourself alcohol.


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