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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing

Felder Rushing is a tenth-generation American gardener, raised into his teen years under the apprenticeship of a horticulturist great-grandmother who grew flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruits without a hose or pesticides, and a garden club grandmother who garnered hundreds of blue ribbons for her plant breeding and displays. He is a longtime national director of the Garden Writers Association, member of the National Youth Gardening Committee, past president of several horticulture societies, and board member of the American Horticultural Society. He delivers more than eighty lectures each year and is the author of several books including Passalong Plants, Tough Plants for Southern Gardens, and Gardening Southern Style.

    Felder's Books

    Slow Gardening

    A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and Seasons

    Doing something slowly means savoring what you do. However, in just a few generations, we've gone from eating mostly home-cooked food and gardening with mostly local resources to a fast-food culture and cookie-cutter "mow-and-blow" landscapes filled with unproductive and high-maintenance plants from afar. Sure, we've shed a lot of the menial labor it takes to put both food on the table and flowers in the garden, but at what cost to the Earth, and our own bodies?


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