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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie Maclurcan

An experienced social entrepreneur, Donnie Maclurcan is executive director at the Post Growth Institute and affiliate professor of social science at Southern Oregon University. He is author of Nanotechnology and Global Equality and Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability and is currently writing The Not-for-Profit Handbook.

    Donnie's Books

    How on Earth

    Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050

    Not-for-profit enterprise will be at the heart of the global economy by 2050. This is the compelling vision outlined in How on Earth, based on a growing body of evidence that the world is shifting toward an ‘economics of enough’. Providing a groundbreaking exploration of how a global economy can flourish in a not-for-profit world, How on Earth develops a viable model for a new triple bottom line—people, planet, and not-for-profit—that embodies the evolution we have been waiting for.


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