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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Debra Rucker Coleman

Debra Rucker Coleman

Debra Rucker Coleman, Architect and founder of Sun Plans Inc. has been designing passive solar homes since 1985. She received her Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Arizona and became a licensed architect in 1984 after an internship in architecture and construction. In 2002 she received the "Best Practice" Sustainability Award for Residential Buildings from the Sustainable Building Industries Council. Her houses have been on the National Tour of Solar Homes. Fine Homebuilding, Solar Today, Mother Earth News, Home Power, Home Energy, numerous other publications, radio shows, and web sites have reviewed or published her work. Debra has lived in many climate zones including the Southwestern and Eastern U.S., Switzerland, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. She has researched energy requirements for other climates in the United States and Canada. She currently lives in Alabama in a sun-tempered home that she constructed with her family.

    Debra Rucker's Books

    The Sun-Inspired House

    House Designs Warmed and Brightened by the Sun

    The Sun-Inspired House is a unique combination of passive solar information and house plans designed to use the sun to maximum efficiency. The information is educational while the designs are inspirational. The elegant yet functional homes capture the non-polluting heat and wonderful light of the sun in a wide range of warm and welcoming styles. Blueprints are available for most of the designs.


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