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Carl Legge

Carl Legge lives with his wife and son on a three-acre smallholding on the rural Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales. In 1997 he resigned from a well-paid corporate job to focus on the smallholding. They grow fruit and vegetables in raised beds, polytunnels, and forest garden areas, and keep chickens. What was subsidized sheep pasture is now a thriving nature reserve which provides Carl and his family with a large proportion of their own food. Carl is a gourmet cook and blogs regularly at

    Carl's Books

    The Permaculture Kitchen

    Love Food, Love People, Love the Planet

    The Permaculture Kitchen is a cookbook for gardeners who love to eat their own produce and anyone who supports their local farmer’s market. The book includes “on the fly” recipes, recipes for thirty-minutes or less meals, as well as tips on creating dishes from leftovers. You will learn how to make stocks, soups, sauces, pizza, curries, grills, pilafs, pilafs and paellas, gourmet salads, preserves, and more.


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