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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell

Anna M. Campbell has lived in the cities and suburbs of the USA and Australia, as well as on a coral island, in a rainforest and a snow-covered national park. As a sustainable living educator, beekeeper, and public speaker, she now helps thousands of people each year discover the joys of sustainable living. Before moving to a small farm, Campbell worked with organizations as diverse as Yahoo!, P&O Resorts, the National Trust, the Variety Club Children’s Charity and an aquarium where she regularly swam with sharks. Campbell’s current project is the creation of a native bee sanctuary set within a garden full of plants of importance to humanity. She and her husband are having loads of fun and facing lots of challenges raising their children “honeycomb” style.

    Anna's Books

    Honeycomb Kids

    Big Picture Parenting for a Changing World and to Change the World!

    Honeycomb Kids is a parenting book for the 21st Century. Including more than 300 practical ideas and activities, it comes with two priceless benefits: not only does it help you prepare your children for an uncertain tomorrow, it also helps you shift to a better family life for today.


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