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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Alix W. Hopkins

Alix W. Hopkins

Alix W. Hopkins has worked in land conservation for more than twenty years. During the 1990s she was founding executive director of Portland Trails, the urban land trust in Maine. She lives on an old farm in Pownal, Maine, and currently serves as co-president of the Pownal Land Trust and as a board member of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, and several other community-oriented nonprofits.

    Alix W.'s Books


    Stories of Saving Places, Finding Community

    People long for a sense of community in today's fast-paced world, for connections to one another and to natural places of peace and beauty. Quietly, and for more than twenty years, a growing network of community trails, riverfront parks, forests, farms, gardens, and other green spaces has begun to satisfy this hunger, offering welcome refuges in neighborhoods, rural towns, and cities across the country.


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