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Our Chelsea Green Authors : Alan Weisman

Alan Weisman

Author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best seller The World Without Us, Alan Weisman is an award-winning journalist whose reports have appeared in Harper’s, the New York Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Discover, and Orion, among others, and on National Public Radio. A former contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times Magazine, he is a senior radio producer for Homelands Productions and teaches international journalism at the University of Arizona. He lives in western Massachusetts.

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    A Village to Reinvent the World

    Chelsea Green’s 10th Anniversary Edition of Alan Weisman’s Gaviotas will be in stores this September. Gaviotas is a classic—one of the most elegant and hopeful environmental stories ever told. In the late 1960s, a young Colombian development worker named Paolo Lugari wondered if the nearly uninhabited, infertile land sixteen hours east of Bogota could be made livable. Lugari had no idea that four decades later his experiment would be one of the world’s most celebrated examples of sustainable living: a permanent village called Gaviotas. According to Gabriel Garcie Marquez, Paolo Lugari is “inventor of the World.”

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