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A Grassroots Revolution for Pesticide-Free Communities


As the ‘poison cartel’ creeps relentlessly across food systems, there is overwhelming evidence that something must be done to stop them. The small town of Mals, Italy took a stand and started a revolution to stop the corruption and pave the way for a pesticide-free future.  The following excerpt is the foreword by Dr. Vandana…

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The Pervasive Presence of Unregulated Chemicals in America

spraying pesticides

How are chemicals regulated for use on our food? How do they affect our bodies? These are just two of the crucial questions proposed by Michelle Perro and Vincanne Adams. Unfortunately, it seems the US government does not consider these questions as critically as they should. Read on to learn more about the genetically modified…

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Taking Action: A Parent’s Guide to Health in the 21st Century

parent feeding baby

As chronic disorders among American children reach staggering levels, parents are starting to take action. They are on the front lines of changing the food landscape and have created a movement to ensure the health of future generations. As more people become involved, veteran pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro and medical anthropologist Dr. Vincanne Adams deliver…

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Freedom from Poison: How One Small Town Banned Pesticides, Preserved Its Food Heritage, and Inspired a Movement

overlooking a village

“The movement for freedom from poisons in our food and agriculture is the most important freedom movement in our times. . . . Read the story of Mals to get inspired. And act.” —from the foreword by VANDANA SHIVA The recent uncovering of The Poison Papers—a collection of documents revealing years of apparent collusion between companies…

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Colony Collapse Disorder and the Funding Problem

Bees are worth a lot of money. How much? In terms of their contribution to the world food supply, about $215 billion, by some estimates. That’s a lot of cabbage. The amount needed to study Colony Collapse Disorder (you know—that thing that’s killing all those bees?) is chump change in comparison. Read on: One branch…

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