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This October: Connect For Change!

Something “wicked” this way comes… On Thursday, October 22– Sunday, October 25, you may want to check this out.  The Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change Conference. The Marion Institute’s 5th annual conference will be held in historic Downtown New Bedford, MA. WHAT IS IT? Bioneers by the Bay provides an opportunity for concerned […]

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Great Simple Recipe: Pasta With Leeks

I think leeks have a bad rap–I remember “eww”ing a lot as a child. But oh, how misinformed I was! Potato leek soup, pork and leek dumplings, leek omelette…oh, let me count the ways a leek can be delicious. Now that I’m an adult, I planted a row of leeks in my garden, and I […]

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Joel Salatin Wins Heinz Award For Environmental Leadership

Joel Salatin–author of many books (see below), renegade farmer, lunatic capitalist-environmentalist, pioneer of local foods movement, star of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, national figure, and true-to-his-values always–has been awarded the prestigious Heinz Award for environmental leadership. The Heinz Awards, administered by the Heinz Family Philanthropies (and John Kerry’s wife, Theresa Heinz), recognize outstanding individuals for their […]

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From Grist: A Farmer Speaks

Chelsea Green is proud to announce a new collaboration with called “A Farmer Speaks”! This series will take on current food and agricultural  issues from the point of view of the Chelsea Green farmer him/herself. (Special thanks and kudos to Grist’s Food Editor, Tom Philpott, who is also a farmer and writer.) To kick […]

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What do Hugo Chavez, Vandana Shiva, and Diane Wilson Have In Common?

Every year since 2006, Ethecon, the Foundation for Ethics and Economics, in co-operation with Otto Piene, the international famous ZERO-artist, has awarded two international prizes: The “Blue Planet Award” is dedicated to persons for their outstanding services to the salvation and preservation of our planet; and its complement, the “Black Planet Award”, a mock-prize to […]

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What’s the Deal With Vegetarianism?

Vegetarians and meat eaters clash constantly on the issue of whether or not it’s wrong to eat meat. There’s a range, for sure; from PETA activists to macrobiotics to self-described feminists to farmers, meat is a controversial issue. But now it’s time to know for sure: what’s the deal with vegetarianism? The following is an […]

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Prison: The War Against the Poor

The entire economic system in the United States needs to be put under a magnifying glass. That’s not a new notion, obviously, but it’s one worth repeating.  For example, we cannot seem to figure out how to get healthcare and education to those in need, and yet we’ve got billionaires languishing in their mansions.  So […]

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Eliot Coleman on The “Cool” Greenhouse

As summer winds down here on the East coast, many of us are seriously considering extending our seasons. This means, aside from preserving our summertime harvest, we’re thinking of ways to actually grow more of it during the winter. I’m talking greenhouses, here. I’m talking low-cost, efficient, and unheated greenhouses. And who better to look […]

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Get The Dirt: Understand the Ecosystem of Your Soil

Soil is the foundation upon which all agricultural activities are built. And therefore, it is the crux of the environmental movement to make sure our most precious resource is preserved (and created) sustainably. The first step to doing so, however, is understanding its ecology. Take it away, experts! The following is an excerpt from The […]

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Did You Know? The Sauna and Your Health

I’ve got a gazebo I’d like to turn into a sauna–but I don’t know the first thing about the famous “Finnish bath”. Except of course, that it originated in Finland, and is replete with health benefits. Turns out, there are a variety of saunas such a cordwood masonry, post-and-beam, earthwood, conventionally framed, and more. You […]

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