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How to Grow Strawberries Indoors

It’s strawberry shortcake season, which means strawberry harvesting season. But for those of you with no outdoor space for gardens, fear not—you can plant, weed, and harvest all from the comfort of your own home! That’s right: it is possible to grow strawberries indoors, from small spaces. According to R. J. Ruppenthal, author of Fresh […]

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Celebrate the Wort Moon: Make Your Own Root Beer!

Much of what we know about the moon consists of when it’s waning, when it’s waxing, and that a full moon makes people do strange things. And while it’s common knowledge (and not just on cheesy astrology websites) we have a connection to the moon, it’s hard to know exactly what it is, without sounding […]

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All About the Noble Yam

Mmmmm.  Do you know everything there is to know about the noble yam, besides that it’s delicious? Check this out from Dianne Onstad‘s Whole Foods Companion: A Guide For Adventurous Cooks, Curious Shoppers, and Lovers of Natural Foods. It’s a great gift book for the holidays, too, for all your food-lovin’ friends and family. YAM […]

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Two Alaskas: Which One Are You Reading About?

Want to know more about what’s really happening politically in Alaska? Don’t go to Sarah Palin. Go to Riki Ott. (photo from LA From LA Progressive: By design, Sarah Palin has been all over the national media in the last couple of weeks, since the publication of her book,  Going Rogue: An American Life (New […]

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Sandorkraut: The Self-Made Fermentation Experimentalist

Fermentation is the food movement of the future. Just ask Sandor Katz, who’s a leader in the revolution against microwaves, the vegan or carnivore or pescatarian friendly, post-consumer food-reality where health and happiness converge in a crock. Katz says it better than me, so I’ll let him take it away. From The day I […]

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Passenger Trains: The Future of Transportation?

Our friends over at PlanetGreen recently interviewed author James McCommons about the future of passenger railroad. They wondered: is it bright? With the doom and gloom of climate change and the frightening post-peak oil reality, it’s hard to understand why the US is so far behind the times when it comes to trains. Whatever happened […]

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Passive Solar Technique: Let Nature Heat Your Home

Homeowners are increasingly worried about their dependence on fossil fuels. They’re also more and more intrigued by the information about solar energy. Why? Because it saves money, benefits the planet, and makes for a comfortable house that requires little in the name of back-up fuel. James Kachadorian, civil engineer and founder of Green Mountain Homes, […]

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Is Raw Milk Really Healthier?

The following is an excerpt from The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights by David E. Gumpert.  Once I entered the world of raw milk, one of the first and most frequent claims I heard was that consumers of the stuff usually didn’t suffer from lactose intolerance. I had never been […]

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane…And Get On A Train

The following is an excerpt from Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service by James McCommons.  California Zephyr: here come your game boys and microwaves The odyssey began in early 2007 when I got a magazine-writing assignment that would take me from my home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Seattle, Washington. […]

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Raw Milk: The Civil Rights Movement of Food?

From Food regulation is one of the most important issues consumers face today. And for people who are concerned with where their food comes from (and how it got there), milk is now at the center of this debate. And because of its health benefits, many more people are turning to raw milk. Even […]

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