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Oil company profits. Larger than the promises made in spam email, and more obscene.

Just a little reminder, here. ExxonMobil is reporting that it made $11.68 billion in profits in just the second quarter of the year alone. Royal Dutch Shell was just a few million dollars behind. In case those numbers are hard to grasp, this is more than the annual GDP (adjusted for purchasing parity)* in 2007 […]

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Help with a recipe

We recently received an email question regarding the following recipe from Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning. Now that the harvest season is nearing (we just got our first green beans out of our garden three days ago!) I thought others might find the exchange useful. Here’s the recipe as it appears in the book: […]

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Video: make an all-natural fruit fly trap

I don’t know about you, but warm summer days at my house means fruit flies galore. When they start really getting out of hand, I make a few of these easy traps to hold the population down. Unlike the commercial fruit fly traps out there, this involves no plastic that needs to be thrown away […]

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Thinking about newfangled cars

As Americans in their role as consumers embark on a massive shift in preferences regarding automobiles, and as entrepreneurs proffer some pretty neat technological advances, yet and still…Consider this. In 2006 (year of most recent data I could find on the Department of Transportation website), 134,836,165,000 gallons of gasoline were burned by cars, motorcycles, and […]

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Annals of eco-living trivia: air-conditioners vs. fans

A coworker wondered aloud the other day something along the lines of: “If I am using five fans in my house, would I be better off (in terms of electricity consumption) using one window-unit air-conditioner?” I took it as a challenge to figure that out. First I went home and plugged my two box fans […]

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Debating eco-restrictions on drilling for oil

BusinessWeek has a brief debate between Bill “environmentalists are to blame” Bartmann and Frances “don’t you wish, you lame industry shill” Beinecke regarding whether environmental restrictions are playing a significant role in current high oil prices. Beinecke does a pretty good job of deflating Bartmann’s hot air, though space constraints prevent her from really taking […]

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Courting Climate Failure

Kudos to U.S. Rep Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) and his cosponsors for Doggett’s newly introduced “Climate MATTERS Act.” Their bill is in many ways an improvement over the Lieberman-Warner bill that recently failed in the Senate. That failure was a good thing in the long run for both environmental and political reasons made clear by Peter […]

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Not so fast, Mr. Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs, a big name economist and wannabe do-gooder (his recent book is The End of Poverty) is now apparently pushing for wider adoption of genetically modified foodstuffs, says BusinessWeek’s Green Business blog. I spoke with Jeffrey Sachs, the director of Columbia’s Earth Institute and one of the leading public voices on global poverty. He’s […]

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Video: The monkey-wrenching begins

I can neither confirm nor deny my personal opinion on the matter—I’ll report and let you decide, to coin a phrase. After decades of letter writing and bumper stickering and wringing of hands, some of those concerned about global warming have organized to act decisively to prevent the burning of fossil fuels. Coal train ambushed […]

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First, praise all the lawyers

We’ve all heard the phrase “First, kill all the lawyers” a million times, and I’m willing to bet that nearly every time you’ve heard it, it was stated as a positive assertion. Inspired by two bits of news, here’s a brief rejoinder in favor of this most-despised profession. To begin, a history lesson. Where’d the […]

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