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Juan Cole: McRambo and Mean Girl ‘08

Juan Cole looks behind the curtain, and it’s not pretty. Here’s the short version: Wish you could go back in time and miraculously win the Vietnam War? You can, simply by voting for John McCain. Halleluiah!

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Video: Chelsea Green Grasshopper Bike-Commutes into the Sunset

We’re all feeling a bit down as Jessica Saturley, a beloved-by-all coworker, is taking her leave from Chelsea Green to pursue new adventures. Next stop: the future! Before she had left for good, I asked her to talk about something near and dear to her heart, her bicycle. httpv:// Jessica, you are missed.

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Speeches schmeeches. The political light at the end of the tunnel is a coal miner’s lamp.

I like Juan Cole and rely on his Informed Comment. He’s pretty on the ball. But I was a little disappointed to see him describe Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s recent speech at the Democratic convention as possibly “the most important address on energy given so far by an American politician.” (He includes video of the […]

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How green can you go? A poop-powered kitchen

Any tinkering addicts, basement inventors out there looking for a good project? I’ve had a vision of the eco-kitchen future, and I want you to help make it into a demonstrable reality. I don’t have the tinkering skills, or time away from the toddling kids, to work on it myself. The vision is this: cooking […]

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The free-market myth that wouldn’t die

Proponents of the “free market” have a tendency to ignore one inconvenient fact: there is no such thing as a free market in reality. Never has been one. Never will be one. The “free market” is a myth, a fairy tale told over and over by newspaper columnists and TV pundits and quite a few […]

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Chelsea Green participation in “Point-to-Point” ride a great success

As you may have seen previously, a bunch of us here at Chelsea Green signed up to participate in the Harpoon Brewery’s “Point-to-Point” charity bike ride. The ride took place this past Saturday, and, despite sometimes-heavy rain, we had a blast. Team members included Brianne Goodspeed, Jesse McDougall, Jonathan Teller-Elsberg, Dennis Pacheco, Jessica Saturley, and […]

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The Russia-Georgia War Detours through a Gas Station Near You

Are you surprised that control over oil and natural gas has a role in Russia’s diplomacy-by-other-means in Georgia? The sudden war in the Caucasus brought Georgia to heel, reasserted Russia’s claim as the dominant force in the region, and dealt a blow to U.S. prestige. But in this part of the world, diplomacy and war […]

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SUVs: Down for the count?

This is a story of market failure and the need, at times, for strong government intervention. As most everyone knows, the large increase in gasoline prices lately have sent sales of the worst gas guzzlers dropping like rocks in the last few months,wreaking havoc with the business model GM, Ford, and Chrysler had established for […]

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Obama’s Lowball Target for Renewable Electricity

Not only does Barack Obama’s target for renewable electricity pale in comparison to Al Gore’s vision of a complete transformation in the next ten years, but Obama’s “New Energy Plan for America” target is lower than we already produce. Taking his policy paper literally, we would have to reduce our renewable electricity production over the […]

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If you build it green, will they come? And will it be too cheap to meter?

BW’s Green Business reports that venture capital investments in “cleantech” is booming. Despite an overall drop in VC funding in U.S. businesses between the first and second quarters of 2008, investment in cleantech companies was up 41 percent from the first to the second quarter, from $683.5 million in Q1 to $961.7 million in Q2. […]

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