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September 2011

Reinventing Fire Infographic: 5 Interesting Facts About our Energy-Hogging Economy

From Think Progress and Stephen Lacey: For a while, we almost had it. Before America’s comprehensive climate and energy bill turned into a devastating failure in 2010, the U.S. seemed to be on the verge of having an energy plan based on a sustainable vision for the future. But today, with “climate,” “clean energy investment” […]

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After Irene: Impacted Farms Need Help

From Civil Eats and Grace Links, a map that lists farms needing help in the northeast and benefit events they’ve already scheduled! Yet another way technology can be harnessed to help those in need. On the morning of August 28th, Hurricane Irene made landfall in the northeast, causing the worst flooding eastern upstate New York […]

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Economics Unmasked

by Herman Daly (reposted from the Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy) Economics Unmasked: From Power and Greed to Compassion and the Common Good by Phillip B. Smith and Manfred Max-Neef, Green Books, UK, 2011. Manfred Max-Neef is a Chilean-German economist noted for his pioneering work in human scale development and his […]

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American Political Passivity, Anti-Authoritarianism, and Building a Base

This month the Military Industrial Complex’s 50th birthday was celebrated with a meeting of minds. Bruce E. Levine, author of Get Up, Stand Up, gave a speech at MIC50. Here is a partial transcript and video. I want to begin by explaining how a clinical psychologist ends up giving the final talk at a conference […]

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Concerned Philosophers for Peace Praise Diane Wilson’s Activism

Diane Wilson isn’t just an inspiring environmental activist, ready to face jail in order to call attention to the wrongs committed against mother nature. She isn’t just a fantastically vivid writer, sharing her antics with the world in books like her latest, Diary of an Eco-Outlaw. And she isn’t just a feisty woman whose ideals […]

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It’s Time to Reinvent Fire!

The old fire, the one Prometheus stole from the gods way back when, is undeniably awesome. It heats our homes, cooks our food, and now, in the info-tech-saturated 21st century, it powers our Google mail and our Facebook, arguably the most revolutionary social tools since amish friendship bread… But it’s also hot, dirty, and you […]

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Forced Fluoridation is a Civil Rights Violation

NEWS RELEASE: Influential National Hispanic Civil Rights Organization Votes to Oppose Water Fluoridation League of United Latin American Citizens Condemns Fluoridation as a Civil Rights Violation Ellijay, GA – In an action with far-reaching national ramifications, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, has […]

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Interview with Bruce Levine

Written for the Cincinnati Beacon by Kate Zaidan One need not look far to see the evidence of a deflated population. Quality of life for the poor and middle classes in America is careening toward untenable, with the most draconian cuts to government services since Nixon advanced by a Democrat promising change.  We live in […]

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MEN Fair in Seven Springs PA

Mother Earth News is holding another fair, a fun-filled weekend of lectures, workshops, and cameraderie for the eco-minded. September 24-25th, join the MEN team and dozens of green-living experts in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania! Get your tickets here. With such a massive convergence of sustainability know-how, it’s no surprise that several Chelsea Green authors are speaking […]

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A More Natural and Greener Way to Garden – Slow Gardening

Listen to author Felder Rushing on Naturally Vibrant Living. In the pursuit of the perfect lawn and manicured, sometimes uniform shrubs and annuals, not to mention vegetables, could something be getting lost? Could we be gardening in an overly intense or pressured way? Diane Brandon is joined this week by Felder Rushing, a decades-long gardener […]

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