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July 2009

The Secret to Four-Season Compost

Eliot Coleman is the author of The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year-Round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses. For a year-round growing operation, he needs a year-round supply of rich organic compost. In the following excerpt, Eliot explains how he does it. The following is an excerpt from The Winter Harvest Handbook. It […]

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How Much Water Do You Use?

Not showering every day? That’s awfully…European. Me, I’m addicted to daily showers. Especially in summer. I’m an American, and I can smell like honeysuckle-jasmine every goshdarn day if I want to. But there is one thing our fragrant friends across the pond have on us…on average, they’re using a lot less water. How much water […]

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Marijuana Is Safer Now Available! 7 Common Marijuana Myths vs. Reality

It’s a gateway drug… it’s incredibly addictive… it’s twice as potent as it was twenty years ago… it can cause madness, blindness, and death… Booga booga! Lock up your daughters! It’s… POT! Sigh. There’s a lot of Reefer Madness-style disinformation polluting the air these days—much of it dating back to the days of alcohol prohibition—and […]

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Driven to Drink By Marijuana Laws

Steve Fox, Paul Armentano, and Mason Tvert are on a mission: to begin a rational, commonsense discussion on the question of repealing our outdated marijuana prohibition policy. Budget crises are causing many states to reconsider marijuana as a possible source of revenue. Society’s attitudes have been shifting, as well, as more and more people recognize […]

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Get Pickled: Canning Makes a Comeback

If you’re a fan of living, probiotic superfoods like yogurt, kimchee, or any number of pickled vegetables, this article’s for you. Vancouver’s offers a few tips on canning fermented foods for yourself and your loved ones, and gives a much-appreciated shout-out to two of our DIY guides for the budget gourmand: Preserving Food Without […]

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We Need an Energy Revolution: Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been a leader on everything from health care reform to renewable energy issues. His no-nonsense, commonsense advancement of the progressive agenda should make some of the more spineless Democrats in the Senate hang their heads in shame. His office sent us this op-ed today, which we’re re-printing below in its […]

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Constipated? Top 5 Green Ways to Start Crapping Again

There’s never a good time to be constipated. It’s not fun. Not fun at all. And if you’re reading this, you’re clearly one of the millions upon billions of people every day that may be experiencing symptoms (or may know someone experiencing them) of not being able to take a shit. But, hear this: you […]

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Weekly Mulch: Environmental News From The Media Consortium

Chelsea Green is proud to be a member of The Media Consortium (among others like Grist, The Nation, Mother Jones, and Democracy Now!). Their weekly newsletters (many of which we will re-post here) compile news from their member sites. Chelsea Green author featured this week is Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and […]

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“You Can’t Do Business on a Dead Planet”: Kellogg’s Martin Melaver Interview

Sustainability makes sense from a business and, more importantly, from a moral perspective. It really is that simple for sustainable business leaders like Martin Melaver (author of Living Above the Store: Building a Business That Creates Value, Inspires Change, and Restores Land and Community). Would you rather get up in the morning just for the […]

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Using Trellises, Walls, and Espaliers to Grow Fruit

Cross-posted on Planet Green. When most people think of gardening, they think of vegetables, not fruit—especially those who are gardening in small spaces. Who could ever fathom having a peach tree in their Brooklyn backyard, after all? It seems so…so…California. But it can be done. Fruit trees are extremely adept at growing vertically, and berry […]

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