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October 2008

On Tulips, Bubbles, and Slow Money

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m kind of a dummy when it comes to economics (But then, I’m not running for President). That’s why I’m so grateful to have Jonathan Teller-Elsberg around to throw me a line when I’m flailing. But I do understand basic principles. The Ponzi scheme of subprime mortgage speculation was […]

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In Gainesville, Solar Electric Industry Becomes Competetive

Here’s a couple of good rules of thumb if you’re considering investing in solar power: 1. Before you rush out and attach photovoltaic panels to your Southern-sloping roof, install a solar hot water heater and/or a solar air heater for your home. Converting solar energy into heat is currently the most efficient way to use […]

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VIDEO: Bush Blocks Product Safety

What do you do when the rules favor the little guy over big business? If you’re George W. Bush, you re-write the rules. The Wall Street Journal reports one of the Bush administrations last projects before leaving the White House will be to ram through a massive re-write of federal product safety rules aimed at […]

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VIDEO: Whistleblower Bobby Maxwell Saves Taxpayers Millions—Gets Canned

You may remember this story from the Washington Post last month detailing the Minerals Management Service’s descent into a hotbed of corruption, illegal drug use, and inappropriate sexual relationships with oil company executives. It now appears that a government auditor of 20 years, Bobby Maxwell, tried to blow the whistle on the “cult of corruption,” […]

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Naomi Wolf: An Open Letter to Conservatives, Re: Bush’s Private Army

Author (The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot), prominent feminist, and outspoken progressive firebrand Naomi Wolf‘s letter to conservatives originally appeared on The following is an excerpt: Dear Conservative America: I am reaching out with a warning to you that is as heartfelt as the one I have been bringing […]

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Another Small Step for Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has a long way to go before it can seriously be considered a steward of the environment. In the social arena, its record is spotty at best, and includes allegations of sexism, child labor abuses, anti-union activity, low wages, and predatory pricing. Respect for local land and culture? Ehh, dicey, dicey. But they’re making […]

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The World’s First Carbon-Neutral Farm

The Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio olive oil farm, north of Rome, is taking what they call a “360°” approach to sustainable farming in an attempt to become the first truly carbon-neutral farm. The BBC reports the Italian olive oil farm and vineyard is implementing a whole host of innovations, including a new type of battery […]

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Finding Your Community’s Sweet Spot

Can you start a small, locally owned, socially and ecologically responsible business that’s capable of competing in a market of cheap, faceless, big-box stores? In a word…yeah. If you do it right. Author and eco-preneur Dave Pollard (Finding the Sweet Spot) explains the importance of community to the eventual success of your small business, and […]

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At The End of America Premiere: Alec Baldwin and Naomi Wolf Talk Fascism

A funny thing happened on the way to The End of America. Midway between Manhattan and the Hampton Film Festival premiere of her new documentary (based on the New York Times best seller) this weekend, filmmaker Annie Sundberg was held up because of a highway traffic accident. So was the film. (Sundberg had the master […]

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Rebuild the Economy by Investing in Natural Capital

For years, environmentalists have been trying to appeal to our better natures—pleading to humanity to preserve the environment simply for the environment’s sake. Clearly, that approach hasn’t worked out too well. But maybe the results of an EU-commissioned cost-benefit analysis will open people’s eyes. From the BBC: The global economy is losing more money from […]

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