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May 2006

Gallows humor

Iraq: The Musical

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Mission Rejected in the news

Word’s starting to get out… Author Gives Voice to Soldiers Who Rejected Iraq War The Press Democrat by Sara Peyton May 14, 2006 Years ago, during the Vietnam War, there was an authentic, popular, anti-war movement. Many young men dodged the draft, fled to Canada, went AWOL or to prison. Others became conscientious objectors. They […]

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Mission accomplished

Firedoglake says that the CTG Capitol project is sold out. Thanks all!

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The Senate Proposes an Ambitious Plan for Energy Independence

An email release from the Apollo Alliance Greetings, Today, Senate Democrats unveiled the Clean EDGE Act of 2006, a broad framework for energy independence and development of the domestic clean energy industry, and proposed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 40%. Key provisions in the bill would create good jobs, control gas prices, […]

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It’s a start

Ruth Page commented on VPR the other night on growing algae on power plant smoke stacks. The algae absorb lots of CO2 out of the stack’s emissions, and then can be turned into various useful things, like biodiesel, ethanol, or solid fuel. Commentary Green algae Ruth Page LISTEN (Windows Media) SHELBURNE, VT (2006-05-16) (HOST) Some […]

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All for naught

DYING FOR NIXON, DYING FOR BUSH By Paul Rogat Loeb “I didn’t want to die for Nixon,” said a man I met recently in a Seattle park. He’d served on military bases in a half dozen states, then had a car accident just before being shipped to Vietnam. “The accident was lucky,” he said. “It […]

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Offering a helping hand

Crashing the Gate is meant to wake up the Democratic Party hierarchy, show how the party can function again, function and win. It helps if the Party line folks read it. You can help them get the help they need. Action Alert: Let’s Make Sure They ‘Get It’

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Partisan Neutrality

All your base are belong to us. One more reason why books shouldn’t be ditched for digital just yet.

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More industrial organics

There’s some zeitgeist in the air apparently. Not only did the NYTimes have that story on Wal Mart and organics, but the New Yorker has one on the growing organic juggernaut of Whole Foods. Like making potted meat food product, it ain’t all that pretty. Local! Local! Local! PARADISE SOLD What are you buying when […]

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Speaking of taxes, pt. 2

So I like the idea of feebates to promote fuel efficiency in cars. I also think a similar idea could be implemented in cities facing problems of limited parking availability. NYC is one brutal example, and the city has a reputation for making life as miserable for car owners as possible in order to try […]

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