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May 2006

Now I Got Worry!

No, I’m not talking about the great punk album by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, I’m talking about global warming getting up close and personal. FINDINGS: Poison Ivy Thrives as Planet Warms Tuesday, May 30, 2006; Page A05; Washington Post Another reason to worry about global warming: more and itchier poison ivy. The noxious vine […]

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Report from Pakistan

We were very please to receive a note from Arshad Abbasi saying that he had learned of Chelsea Green’s publishing efforts and, in keeping with our shared vision of a sustainable world, sent a link to his recent article on water issues in Pakistan. Deforestation and drought Arshad H Abbasi Water reservoirs in Pakistan are […]

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What’s up at Slow Food

A life that’s good, clean, and just… with slow food as the start. Sounds good. Here’s what they’re up to these days. 1. UNISG: The Next Stages Dear Friend, The University of Gastronomic Sciences began as a dream which we can now declare a reality: there are 126 students from all over the world enrolled […]

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Volunteering is for church ladies

GAO Report Faults Voluntary Programs To Cut Air Pollution: Study Says Administration Has Not Ensured That Firms Set, Meet Goals By Juliet Eilperin Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 26, 2006; Page A03 The Bush administration’s voluntary programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by industry have yet to deliver promised results, according to a report […]

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Calling all couch potatoes

If you plan to be plunked down in front of the TV this Memorial Day, make sure to rot your brain with the good stuff: Book TV will be running its episode profiling Unembedded at 1:30pm. Otherwise, may I suggest some outdoor activity?

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Dumb, Bad, and Wrong

Bush Calls For New Nuclear Plants: President Talks Of Environmental Benefits, Safety By Peter Baker and Steven Mufson Washington Post Staff Writers Thursday, May 25, 2006; Page A04 LIMERICK, Pa., May 24 — President Bush promoted nuclear power Wednesday as part of his answer to energy and environmental problems as more companies consider taking advantage […]

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Energy Futures

K.C. Golden writes on optimism and pessimism over at The signs of a new, brighter energy future are everywhere. Wind and solar power are the fastest growing electricity sources. NASDAQ just launched a clean energy index. Leading venture capitalists are making big bets on low-carbon energy sources. Auto dealers are carrying more hybrid and […]

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Sandy Katz reports:

Hello friends, I hope this has been a good spring for you! It’s been a busy and productive time for me, finishing my new book The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements (due out in October from Chelsea Green), setting up a biodiesel processing operation to make fuel from used fry […]

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Upcoming events in Great Barrington, MA

“A Water Ethic: Cure for the Coming Crisis” is the title of author Kirpatrick Sale’s June 2nd lecture for the Great Barrington Land Conservancy. Mr. Sale will speak about how for centuries humans have attempted to have control and dominance over the forces of nature, most especially of water, but in the 21st century we […]

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We aim to please

At Chelsea Green, the customers are always right — especially when they love our books! Is CTG Avail on Tape? Is Crashing the Gate available on tape? If not, does someone want to put it on tape and start getting that out there too? I happened to think of this since my mother uses books […]

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