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April 2006

Sane development in Illinois

This is cool — the Ill state legislature has passed a bill that links economic development subsidies to land-use planning that promotes use of public transportation. The Center for Policy Alternatives writes Illinois Legislature Approves Linking Economic Development Subsidies to Transit and Affordable Housing The Illinois legislature passed SB 2885, sponsored by Sen. Terry Link, […]

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A Clarion Call for Christians to Save the Planet with ‘Creation Care’

For Immediate Release April 20, 2006 Contact: Jessica Saturley, (802) 295-6300, ext. 106 Serve God, Save the Planet A Christian Call to Action by J. Matthew Sleeth, M.D. Serve God, Save the Planet is a deeply personal book with a very public message about what we can do to save the environment before it’s too […]

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“There’s hope”

Climate Change Will Be Significant but Not Extreme, Study Predicts By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, April 20, 2006; Page A08 Earth will experience significant climate change in the coming century as a result of greenhouse gas buildups, but the more extreme estimates of global warming generated by some studies are unlikely to […]

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Money Talks (and Eats)

Since I am an occassional editor and contributor to the Econ-Atrocities series, I’ll take this moment to plug the series with this example. An archive is at An Econ-Atrocity, brought to you by the Center for Popular Economics. If you would like automatically receive CPE’s Econ-Atrocities by email, subscribe (or unsubscribe) by going to […]

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Victory in Bhopal

Three big cheers for the Bhopali activists, and their allies (like Diane), who seem to have gotten the Indian P.M. say “uncle!” Bhopal gas victims end fast after PM agrees to demands 17 April, 2006, New Delhi: Bhopalis today celebrated a major victory and called off their international hunger strike as the Government conceded to […]

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Scalia: missing the point, as ususal

Scalia Defends Involvement in Cheney Case Associated Press Thursday, April 13, 2006; Page A06 HARTFORD, Conn., April 12 — Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Wednesday called his 2004 decision not to recuse himself from a case involving Vice President Cheney, who is a friend of his, the “proudest thing” he has done on the […]

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For all the steps back, there are steps forward.

Despite global warming, rising sea levels, widespread species extinctions, a quagmire occupation of Iraq that won’t be won and if abandoned will result in horrific civil war, political corruption, fundamentalist absurdities, ever-broadening inequalities, and other stuff like that, there is some good news out there. In perenniality is our salvation. Oh, here’s some positive tidbits […]

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Biodiesel anyone?

Oil Futures Close Above $70 By JAD MOUAWAD Published: April 17, 2006 New York Times Oil futures rose above $70 a barrel in New York today, their highest level in nearly eight months, fueled by the ongoing diplomatic row over Iran’s nuclear program, production shortages in Nigeria, and concerns about tight gasoline supplies in the […]

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Prepare for some shock and awe

Ever see the movie Down By Law? Remember the scene in which Roberto Benigni is roasting a rabbit over a fire and remembering how his mother used to butcher rabbits in his youth? “Nice little rabbit [motions of gently stroking a rabbit’s fur], nice little rabbit, then DAH! [a karate chop motion to the neck]” […]

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More news from Farm and Food

Is Climate Change Shifting Plant Hardiness Zones? You may have noticed from using plant hardiness zone maps that the USDA has been quietly moving the lines on the maps, perhaps because of the evidence of global warming. Now the National Arbor Day foundation has released their own version of plant hardiness zone maps. They show […]

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