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September 2005

Wagari Maathai in NH

Last night Wangari Maathai came to our neck of the woods to give a talk at Dartmouth for the Social Justice Lecture Series. Last year we’d asked Wangari to write the foreword to our 20th anniversary edition of the Man Who Planted Trees, so we were eager for a chance to finally meet her. The […]

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Diane Wilson on Diane Rehm

NPR’s Diane Rehm will interview Diane Wilson this morning. Beginning at 11 a.m. EST, Diane Wilson will be talking about her fight with the chemical companies in Texas’ Lavaca Bay, and her transition from a full time shrimper to a full time activist. You can tune in live.

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Ghaith Abdul-Ahad on Free Media in Iraq

Last week Fakher Haidar al-Tamimi became the 36th Iraqi journalist to be killed in Iraq since the beginning of the war. Yesterday, his friend, Iraqi photojournalist and co-author of the upcoming CGP release Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq Ghaith Abdul-Ahad wrote a poignant piece in the The Guardian, exposing the disproportionate […]

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Jen Nix Podcast

Should progressive political writers put their money where their mouth is? Jen Nix’s article for Alternet, “Sleeping with the Enemy”, challenged progressive authors to sign their books with small publishers, rather than with the media giants. Jen talk with Francesca Rheannon, producer and co-host of Writer’s Voice about the article and about independent media in […]

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Anita Roddick brought us this interesting piece of information this morning in her newsletter. I’m not sure how many people normally google the word “Failure,” but those who do are in for a treat: A very interesting experiment …… 1. Go to Google. 2. Type the word “failure” in the search box. 3. Click on […]

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End of Shrimping as we Know it?

After Katrina, shrimper and author Diane Wilson told us that shrimping was sunk, but today she’s flying home to her Texas gulf coast town to evacuate her mother before yet another hurricane. How much more can the fishing and shrimping industry take? The San Diego Union Tribune explains that the more Diane fights for the […]

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Organic Agriculture Enters Mainstream

Good news for organics. The Institute of Science in Society released a report this week titled “Organic Agriculture Enters Mainstream: Organic Yields on Par with Conventional and Ahead During Drought Years.” This news could be influential among scientists who have told farmers that organic argiculture means lower yields–“scientists who should know better,” according to I-SIS. […]

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Diane Wilson: A Shrimper on Katrina

“This ain’t a Forrest Gump film about a shrimper getting rich after a hurricane. This is about shrimpers and their industry sinking. From Mississippi, to Alabama to the Louisiana Gulf Coast, the shrimping industry is sunk (or sinking) and this time it doesn’t need any help from rising fuel prices or imported shrimp driving down […]

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The direct human impact of hurricane Katrina is not yet over, but this morning Rebecca Claren posted an article on Salon about the layers of environmental damage that demand attention. But where do we turn first? For starters, there are the waterborne bacteria from human and organic waste that have already caused four deaths in […]

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a failure of moral and political philosophy

George Lakoff’s post on AlterNet this morning called the disaster in New Orleans a “failure of moral and political philosophy,” explaining more gently what Paul Craig Roberts on Counterpunch called failure on every front. Lakoff’s first analysis of the destruction from Katrina outlines how the strict father principles behind the Bush Administration allow them to […]

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