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Fermentation Favorites


There is no denying it: the days are short and unless you planned for winter growing your garden is all about the root vegetables. Don’t let the winter get you down. There are plenty of garden goodies perfect for the changing weather.

A major part of Chelsea Green’s mission is to inspire you with ideas and practical tips. So whether you want to make the best cheese, find a new recipe, start cider makingpreserve those veggies or try fermentation for the first time —we have the book for you, and best of all we’ve put some of our keystone food books on sale.

So go ahead, make friends with the microbes in your life.

Happy Reading from the Employee Owners at Chelsea Green!

Fermentation Favorites


8 steps to Fermented Hot Sauce with Wild Greens

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Kvass: A Nourishing, Fermented Beverage

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Back to Basics with Fermentation

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Sourdough: Starting One and Maintaining It

 Make It »»


The Basics of Cider Making



Brewing the Drink of the Gods: Mead Recipes

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DIY Dilly Beans: Voted “Best Snack Ever”

 Make It »»


Fresh Fig Pecan Bread

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Ginger Carrots

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Fast Ricotta Cheese

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