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A Celebration of Authors

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We wouldn’t be anything without our beloved authors! To celebrate, we’ve gathered a few Q&As from the archives to put the spotlight on a just a few of our many inspiring contributors!

Click the links below to read insightful conversations with the authors themselves about a range of topics– mitigating climate change with regenerative agriculture, understanding animal consciousness, appreciating where wine comes from, fighting the economics of inequality, and promoting better health with the use of one little-known generic drug.

And don’t forget to check the rest of the blog for even more tips and insights from our amazing community!

Q&A with Eric Toensmeier, author of The Carbon Farming Solution

In this conversation, Eric discusses the relatively new concept of carbon farming and why it is a “powerful solution to climate change.” With the use of perennial crops, regenerative agriculture, and some surprising facts, Eric is leading the fight for food security.

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Eric Toensmeier

Elizabeth Marshall

Q&A with Elizabeth Marshall Thomas author of Dreaming of Lions

A conversation with Deirdre Heekin, winemaker, farmer and author of An Unlikely Vineyard

In this q&A, we sat down with Heekin to discuss her journey of learning how to grow wine in the unlikely hills of Vermont, her quest to express the essence of place in every bottle, and her efforts to deeply understand the land from which both her food and grapevines are grown.

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Deirdre Heekin

Chuck Collins

Born on Third Base: A Q&A with Author and Inequality Activist Chuck Collins

In this provocative Q&A, Collins lays out a case for ending the class war that his work has often fueled and argues that it’s time to engage the wealthy to be part of the solution.

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Q&A with Linda Elsgood author of The LDN Book

Linda provides a first-hand account to supplement her research on the benefits of a little-known drug: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). She says, “LDN can be beneficial in the treatment of everything from cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and various autoimmune diseases, to autism, depression, and chronic pain.”

Linda Elsgood
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