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One of the first things Stephen and Rebekah Hren, authors of The Carbon-Free Home, did to prepare for their cross-country book promotional tour, was sell their car. Odd. I know. But what’s couple of practicing environmentalist supposed to do when faced with a cross-country trek? Flying’s out. It uses too much fuel.

Each domestic passenger-mile creates about half a pound of CO2. Which, for this roughly 6,800 mile trip, means 3,400 pounds, or 1.7 tons, of CO2.

Driving’s out. Same problem. (Besides, who could afford it?)

If we estimate an average of 20 mpg over 6,800 miles, that’s 340 gallons of fuel. Gasoline converts to CO2 at 25.33 lbs per gallon, making their trip clock in at just over 8,865 pounds of CO2, or 4.4 tons.

So how best to promote a book promoting carbon-free living? Teleportation, of course, but that’s still a few months away. So that leaves…trains! One engine moves hundreds (if not thousands) of people, and they’re making the trip anyway. So climb aboard.

The Hrens will be blogging about this trip (and other topics) on their very new web site: Stop by check it out. The site will be growing substantially over the next few weeks. (Including the addition of a trip schedule.)

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