WATCH: Author Woody Tasch Explains the Speed Limits of Modern Society

Posted on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 5:46 am by dpacheco

In this video from ChelseaGreenTV, Woody Tasch explains the epiphany that led to the creation of “slow money” and, consequently, Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered.

I often credit E. F. Schumacher and Small Is Beautiful as, let’s say, being my kind of epiphany moment. As a young man reading that book in the ’70s was very important to me, because it is full of wisdom. Written by a Rhodes scholar industrial economist who worked at a very high level in the British Coal Board for many years, and then later in his life in a sense discovered Eastern philosophy and began realizing that there were other values that were at least as important, in fact more important, than economics. And he used the phrase “meta-economics,” which is a little bit of a cumbersome phrase, but that book is so full of wisdom and inspiration that it was hard for me to get past it, and when I read it, it occurred to me that basically that everything we ever needed to know was in this book, so why weren’t we doing it? And I would say I have been kind of stubbornly—you know, sometimes people say, “sometimes you find it, sometimes it finds you”? So I guess it found me. You know, that book just got in me and didn’t let me go, and I have been trying ever since to take pieces of that and translate it into action. And that’s been the hard part. But, you know, each step of the way I’ve tried different things and now that process has led me to “slow money,” which hopefully will allow me to integrate all of these pieces into a strategy that can have more impact.

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