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LISTEN: Author Les Leopold Explains the Financial Crisis

Posted By dpacheco On March 13, 2009 @ 1:58 am In Politics & Social Justice | No Comments

Here are eight words you’ll never hear me say: “you had me at synthetic collateralized debt obligation.”

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already zoned out. For me, hearing complicated economic jargon like that is like hearing the trigger-word of a sinister post-hypnotic suggestion. “Would you like to play solitaire, Dennis?” Next thing I know I’m at the top of a bell tower with a bolt-action rifle and no memory of the last 2 hours. And all because I asked a couple of questions about AIG.

In this radio interview [1] with Lenny Palmer of WLIP (Kenosha, Wis.), author Les Leopold [2] gives the financial crisis the Man Who Hated Work and Loved Labor [3] treatment—taking a complicated subject and making it accessible to a normal person. His explanation is peppered with off-track betting and wine metaphors, so if you like alcohol and gambling, this one’s a can’t-miss.

Listen Now [4]


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