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Spam is weird

Monday, August 7th, 2006

We regularly get spam comments on the postings. Usually for porn or pharmaceuticals or gambling. The latest is just plain weird: medical air transport. How big could the audience possibly be for airplane ambulances? Are people gonna be like “Hmm, I never thought of that before–maybe I should fly to the Mayo Clinic for my next checkup, instead of going to see my regular doctor here in town.”? Well, I never studied marketing. Maybe the folks at AmbuStat know something I don’t.

Diane in Jordan

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Latest word from the in-house anti-war activist extraordinaire. Like the title of Alice Walker’s book, you can’t keep a good woman down.

hey folks, well here i am in Jordon, fixing to leave this morning early for syria then we’re seeing how far we can get into lebanon. we went to a farmhouse last night of some iraqi people who fled iraq and now live on the border of jordan and Isreal. they live on a hill and we could see jeruselem and dead sea. pretty amazing. the meetings have went terrific. we werent sure if we could get the meetings or who would actually show but apparently everybody showed that was suppose to, and more. met representatives of about 7/8 of the parliment of Iraq. then ex prisoners of abu grahl prison. they all want us out of iraq!!! and they said they are ready for timetable to pull troops out. the parlimentary member of the shiite who has about 140 seats in the parliment wants them out ‘tomorrow’ he said. but need something to fill void. international forces and they’d like to get their own army. would cost nothing to get a million soldiers compared what is spent in iraq a month or a wk. anyhow, this is the second time ive been around a computer and hoping to get this off befaore we leave on bus to syria this morning. apparently the bridges are blown getting into lebanon but we’re going another route . medea wants to go as far as she can go and wants me to go with her. nobody else wants to so we might do that. whooooo the heck knows. i sent ya’ll a bunch of pictures to show these were really parlimentary folks. the only ones we didnt talk with were the kurds or the death squads. hah. black joke there. heard fire crackers one time during the meeting and i thought the death squads had found us. one of the iraqis said, “its firecrackers” when everybody’s eyes got big and round. sending ya’ll lots of love, your author and friend, d

Crashing AFSCME’s structure

Friday, August 4th, 2006

The union plans to devolve. You heard it here first.

Biodieseling around the globe

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Last month the word biodiesel made it into the Merriam Webster dictionary and today we learn from Autoblog Green that biodiesel is powering the Earthrace in its quest to be the fastest boat to circumnavigate the globe. The sky’s the limit.

Earthrace, a 78-foot boat, looks like a seagoing version of the Batmobile, and is able to cut under waves like a submarine. The twist with this record breaking attempt is the fuel the boat is being run on. The Earthrace is strictly run on biodiesel. The skipper, Pete Bethune, and his wife are strong supporters of biodiesel, and are trying to raise awareness for the fuel with an 18-month tour calling at 60 of the world’s great cities. The current record for circumnavigating the world stands at 75 days. The Earthrace aims to take 65 days to cover the same distance, in the first attempt ever to be powered solely by renewable fuels.

Follow the progress of Earthrace at their web site.

It all depends on how you look at it

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

One man’s “huge” is another man’s “small.”

You can hardly blame the White House for this apparent error. Relative to the size of Bush’s cojones, the New York Times probably does look like a mom-n-pop operation.

Amazing news from Diane

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

August 2 , 2006 Dear Mya, I never thought when I embarked on my water-only hunger strike to “bring the troops home fast” that on day 30 I’d be leaving on a journey to the Middle East to meet with Iraqi members of Parliament. As a shrimper from a small fishing town in Texas, I don’t have ways to get in touch with these folks from Iraq. I don’t speak their language. I certainly don’t have their emails or phone numbers! But today, I’ll be traveling with a group of 14 other Americans, to meet with these Iraqis and learn about their ideas to end the fighting and the occupation of their country. That’s why I’ve always said that when you embark on a hunger strike, you have to believe and open up the space for new and amazing things to happen. And sure enough, that’s what’s happening. As hunger strikes go, this one hasn’t been easy. We sit outside the president’s house for 9 hours every day and watch the snipers walk the roof. Then, too, for the past month, (because we’re BUSY fasters) we’ve paraded down the halls of Congress trying to convince those people to pull our troops out of Iraq and visited an embassy or two. The President certainly doesn’t talk to us. Congress wasn’t budging an inch and when we talk with the aides there’s a lot of eyes rolling.

Then when the Iraqi Prime Minister came to Washington he pretended he was gonna meet with us and then he never came to the meeting. But suddenly we heard from this group of Iraqi members of Parliament. They were moved by our sacrifice when our own government couldn’t care less. They were anxious to meet with us when our own leaders refused to meet. And while our own government just talks about war and more war, these Iraqis have been talking about peace, about a peace plan to stop the violence and end the occupation. We’re thrilled to have to honor to meet with these Iraqis working on a Reconciliation Plan, and to bring their ideas back home. We’re excited that we’ll be able to break our 30-day fast with them. And some of us will be going on to Lebanon to try to promote a ceasefire and help the folks who are suffering there, because we can’t sit around feeling sorry about all the killing. We’ve got to do something to stop it. I said when I started this fast that we who want the killing to stop have to be as committed to peace as those who are committed to war. Many of ya’ll joined in this hunger strike to show your commitment. So we ask that ya’ll continue to participate in the fast — perhaps one day a week, or a rolling fast in your community, until we formally end the fast on September 21, International Peace Day. When we launch the Declaration of Peace on September 21, we’ll be asking ya’ll to show your commitment again. We’re hoping to organize sit-ins in ALL the offices of Senators who refuse to call for an end to the occupation. If you’re willing to join us by “sitting in for peace”, contact [email protected]. I don’t know what the final outcome of this trip to meet with the Iraqis or our journey to Lebanon will bring. But we’re certainly not about to leave our future in the hands of George Bush! When our “leaders” won’t build the future we want to see, we’ve got to do it ourselves. So thank you all for your support of our fast, our journey, and “unreasonable women” — and men — who won’t take war for an answer. Love and adios,
Diane Wilson

P.S. Join me, Cindy Sheehan, fabulous Molly Ivins and over hundred other amazing women activists at our CODEPINK retreat at the end of this month, click here for more information.

Passion of the Mel

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

It seems amazing that a regular ole deputy was able to subdue the Lethal Weapon. And too bad he didn’t have a spare sock to stuff his mouth with.

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