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Labels shmabels

Monday, February 27th, 2006

Some silly ole states and silly ole towns are trying to make life unbearable difficult for the patriotic industrial food processors of America. When will these silly ole cancer-hating fuddy duddies realize that labeling food with warnings about poisonous ingredients is so 20th century. This is the future, my friends: time to close your eyes and eat the food that ADM promises is oh-so-tasty and oh-so-nutritious (and just because ADM is holding its hand behind its back does not mean that it is crossing its fingers–you are way too paranoid!).

Onward Christian Accountants!

Monday, February 27th, 2006

The Pentagon, ever watchful for wasteful spending and corrupt accounting practices, has decided to pay Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brownose & Root pretty much everything it (KBR) wants.

North Pole newsflash: New for Christmas 2006 — Santa to give coal to nice children, toys to naughty children.

Bumper stickered and dangerous

Friday, February 24th, 2006

The Progressive reports on two Homeland Security brownshirts in Idaho hassling people for having bumper stickers on their cars. (Actually, the story is about them hassling one particular person–whose stickers express an anti-war sentiment–and who drives a truck, not a car. Not that there’s a big difference, but some people take their trucks very seriously and I’d hate to offend.)

But then, on February 7, at his day job for a federal natural resource agency, Scarbrough got a call from, of all places, Homeland Security.

An official told him to come out to the parking lot and said he was in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations.

When Scarbrough came out, he found two armed officers of Homeland Security, who told him he was violating the regulation against the posting of signs on federal property.

(Scarbrough, fearing trouble, brought a tape recorder along and taped the entire confrontation. You can read a transcript at the Boise Weekly, which broke the story on February 15 in an excellent article by Nicholas Collias.)

Scarbrough tried to point out that those signs were not on federal property but on his own private property—his personal truck.

And by the way, the signs were really subversive, like “Honor Vets, Wage Peace,” and “Another Veteran Against War with Iraq.”

“Sir, you’ve got signs posted on your vehicle. I’m informing you that you’re in violation,” one officer told him, according to the transcript.

Scarbrough: “That’s not illegal. That’s not illegal.”

When Scarbrough accused them of harassment, they continued to demand that he remove the signs or be cited for a violation.

“You know this is BS,” Scarbrough told them. “So any vehicle that comes on with, like a police sign, or with delivery or FedEx or something, that’s not a sign?”

To which the officer replied: “All signs are prohibited.”

“It’s crap and you know it,” Scarbrough said.

Yes indeed, that is some major crap. It’s so cliched I feel bad writing this, but where in the hell do these sorts of thugs come from? How does anyone get raised in this country to believe that it’s okay to quash expression of opposing opinions? It’s all the more baffling since the opinions expressed by Scarbrough’s stickers are pretty durn tame. It’s not like he had a sticker that said “Dear Osama Bin Laden, please have one of your terrorists put a bomb in my truck so that I can drive it into a nursery school and kill lots of innocent infidel Christian children.” Someone needs to give these fascist tools a swirly asap.


Friday, February 24th, 2006

Congratulations to Kelly, Chelsea Green’s superstar sales & marketing manager, who is ALSO a superstar cook. How do we know? She won the grand prize in Pacific Foods’ recent recipe contest. Not too shabby.

A couple o funny cartoons

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Derf on the cartoon controversy.

Slowpoke on the Olympics.

Dwayne Booth on the state of the Democratic party. (For which we at Chelsea Green humbly offer this book.)

An invitation from TX Gov. Rick Perry

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Diane Wilson‘s friends at Pesticide Action Network, on behalf of Honorable Governor Rick Perry, cordially requested contact the governor with your opinion regarding whether or not Texas should be the toxic waste armpit of America.

Doctors Heal Thyselves

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Okay, so they didn’t heal anybody, but at least they gave a booster shot to a moral system that’s being abused and broken.

Old MacDonald Had a Factory

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Everywhere it is introduced, factory farming creates ecological and public health disasters, from new animal and human diseases to air and water pollution to the loss of livestock genetic resources. Factory farms crowd hundreds of thousands of animals together with little natural light or fresh air, creating a ripe environment for breeding disease. Waste from the animals is collected in large lagoons where it can seep into nearby waterways, contaminate groundwater, and spread a sickening stench for miles. Workers in meat processing plants work long hours in miserable conditions and have among the highest accident rates in the United States. All of this is done with an eye towards minimizing costs and maximizing profits with little regard for human, environmental, or animal welfare.

Rethinking the global meat industry is not just about keeping factory farms safe from disease outbreaks and mitigating their environmental effects. The real challenge, and the real reward, will come from taking a different approach to the way we raise food. Reversing the factory farm tide will require thinking about farming systems as more than a source of economic wealth. We must recognize that preserving prosperous family farms and their landscapes and raising healthy and humanely treated animals are their own form of affluence.

So writes Danielle Nierenberg in the State of the World 2006.

Is this really the future we want?

Strategic failures

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

The folks over at the Institute for Policy Studies generally have a keen view of things. Like for instance how the seeming failures of Bush’s policies often are actually exactly what the administration is after.

Energy security

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Okay, so without doubt Bush’s energy policies have been ultra mega double-suck, but don’t forget that our decades-long failure to act has been going on for, well, decades. Still, the new hubub over energy since Bush began his new tactic of admitting to the existence of a problem means this is the time to get the message out far and wide and deep so it sticks for good.

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