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ISBN: 9780977804504
Year Added to Catalog: 2003
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w illustratins Mary Frances Fenton and Nancy Kostecke, 16 appendices, resource materials, teacher's guidelines, bibliography, glossary, index
Number of Pages: 8.5 x 11, 232 pages
Book Publisher: Flower Press
Release Date: July 15, 2003
Web Product ID: 24

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Worms Eat Our Garbage

Classroom Activities for A Better Environment

by Mary Appelhof, Mary Frances Fenton, Barbara Loss Harris

Table of Contents

The World of Worms
The Worm’s Body Quiz
Worm Parts
Word Portrait
Worm Lengths
What Am I?
Worm Knowledge
Classic Names
Dictionary Decode
More Classic Names
Cat’s Kin
What’s in a Name
Once a Worm, Always a Worm
Giant Worms
Mega Worms
What to Call a Worm
Sizing Up Cocoons
Magnified Mysteries
My Worm Story
Worm Muscles
Contract and Relax
Worm Hydraulics
Worm Breathing
My Day as a Worm
Thinking Alike
Warm/Cold Adaptation
Seeing is Believing
Favorite Worm Food
Air Spaces in Soil
Breathing Basics
Worm Watching
Worm Behavior
Hidden Word Puzzle
No Worms Here
The Facts of Life
More Hidden Words
Heads or Tails
Burrow Inventory
A Scientist from Long
Ago Hear Ye!
It’s a Dirty Job
Zig Zag Pictures
Warm or Cold
Analogies Plus
Worm as food
Animal Diets
Links to Life
Rachel Carson
Is That a Fact?
Crossworm Facts
My Worm Story
Scramble Quiz
Where and Why

Worms at Work
The Worm Who Came to Dinner
Story Memories
Instant Replay
Watch Your Step
Steps to a Worm Bin
Worm Food in Your Trash
What’s for Dinner
How Much Garbage?
The Big Paper Shredding Event
Worm/Garbage Ratio
What is a Ratio
Garbage Math
How Big a Bin?
Worm Bedding Calculations
Worm Welcome
Measure a Worm
Organizing Worms
Organizing Cocoons
Getting Acquainted
The Disappearing Dinner
Watch It Rot
Observing the Bin
Mystery Heat
Garbage Record
Keeping Track
Population Explosion
Hatching Cocoons
Worm Bin Animals
Worm Bin Animal Quiz
Who Am I?
More Critters
Food Web of the Compost Pile
Room for Change
Happy Harvest
Having an Attitude
What Did You Say?
Can You Prove It?
The Worm Gazette
Let’s Plan a Worm Party
Where’s the Party
Worm Party Games
The Dirt Cake Recipe
Create a Badge
Worm Bin Riddles
Soil Types
Worm Growth in Soils
Research Concepts
Fox Sandy Loam
More Fox Sandy Loam
A Soil Called Marl
Worm Population Growth
Population Change
Fact of Opinion
Living Soil
Bacteria and Living Soil
How to Set Up a Soil Profile
A Soil Profile
Picture It
How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Observation Chamber
Log on Worm Observation Chamber
Tunnel Vision
Classes of Worms
Worms Wanted
Worm Find Puzzle
Worm Secrets
Beginning Letters

Beyond the Bin
Worm Water Tea
Tiny Roots
Tiny Roots Song
Garbage Garden
More Garbage Gardens
Vermi Puzzle
Worm Weigh-In
Weigh-In Concepts
Wild Worms
How Many Worms?
Worm Movement
Wiggly Poems
More Scrambled Puzzles
Compost Scramble
Worm Cartoons
Compost Cut-Out
Recycler’s Puzzle
Picture Imperfect
Classroom Cast-Aways
Ad Designer Plus
Breaking the Code
Just the Facts
Look at Landfills
Come See the Worms
Worm “T”
Worm City Story
Worming Up
Wormlings in Space
Wormlings’ Costumes
Bumper to Bumper
Worm Humor

Appendix A: Charts and Record Sheets
Project Planning Calendar
Observation Chart
Worm Bin Record
How to Build a Worm and Soil Profile Observation Chamber
Daily and Weekly Progress Chart
Decomposition Record Sheet
The Answer Post
Task Planning Sheet
Metric Conversion Charts
Game Cards/Question Cards
Certificate of Recognition
Before and After Chart
Soil Profile Observation Chart

Appendix B: Answers and Ideas (Teacher Pages)
Bulletin Board Ideas
General Ideas
Specific Answers and Ideas
A Chart for the Mathematically Inclined

Appendix C: Resources and Enrichment Materials




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