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ISBN: 9781931498128
Year Added to Catalog: 2004
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w illustrations and photographs, appendix, resource guide, index
Number of Pages: 8 x 10, 288 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1931498121
Release Date: October 1, 2002
Web Product ID: 254

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by Daniel D. Chiras

Table of Contents


1. Let Nature Heat Your Home

2. The Passive Solar Concept

3. The Solar Slab and Basic Solar Design

4. Insulation, Venting, and Fresh Air

5. Basic Layouts and Floor Plans

6. How to Do the Solar Design Calculations

7. The Foundation Plan, and Backup Heating and Cooling

8. A Sidehill Variation, and Solar Design Worksheets

9. Sunspaces and Special Design Considerations

10. Interior Design for Year-Round Comfort (by Cornelia C. Kachadorian)

11. Three Projects

12. Using the CSOL Computer Program


Appendix 1. Solar Design Worksheets

Appendix 2. Solar Intensity and Solar Heat Gain Factors for 16 to 64 Degrees North Latitude

Appendix 3. Thermal Properties of Typical Building and Insulating Materials (Design Values)

Appendix 4. North Latitude, Elevation, and Outside Winter Design Temperatures for Selected Cities in the U.S. and Canada

Appendix 5. Average Monthly and Yearly Degree Days for Cities in the U.S. and Canada

Appendix 6. Mean Percentage of Possible Sunshine for Selected Cities in the U.S. and Canada

Appendix 7. Isogonic Chart (Magnetic Declination)


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