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ISBN: 9781931498760
Year Added to Catalog: 2005
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: photographs, appendices, resources
Number of Pages: 8 x 10, 352 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1931498768
Release Date: April 30, 2005
Web Product ID: 329

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The Herbalist's Way

The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines

by Nancy Phillips, Michael Phillips

Foreword by Rosemary Gladstar

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The Herbalists Way
The Art and Practice of Healing with Plant Medicines

By Nancy and Michael Phillips


“I knew without doubt that this would be more than simply another herbal ‘how-to’ book. That it would reach down to the heart and spirit of herbalism and capture the essence of this great tradition of healing.” —from Rosemary Gladstar’s Foreword

The Herbalist’s Way has something for everyone, from the novice herbalist to the experienced practitioner. First published in 2001 as The Village Herbalist, this book is now the definitive guide to the art and practice of herbalism. It includes a new foreword by herbalist and educator Rosemary Gladstar and updated information on the resources available to herbalists.

The Phillipses offer information on growing and drying herbs as well as some of their favorite recipes for tonics and tinctures. Inspirational profiles of practicing herbalists add a human touch to the authors’ wealth of hands-on knowledge. The book includes time-honored healing wisdom from many cultures, as well as useful information on starting an herbal medicine practice. It also addresses the licensing, marketing, and legal issues surrounding modern herbalism.

Interest in herbalism is growing as people learn more about conventional medicine and find that in some cases government-approved drugs are putting them in danger. While the authors believe conventional medicine has an important place in our society, they suggest a more holistic approach to health. The community herbalist offers not only healing but also a prescription for healthy natural living in connection with the land and our neighbors.

Nancy and Michael Phillips run Heartsong Farm Healing Herbs in New Hampshire, where they grow and sell healing herbs and herbal products. Nancy leads workshops on herbal medicine, and Michael writes for Mother Earth News and The Natural Farmer and is the author of The Apple Grower. In November 2004, he was awarded the Betsy Lydon Slow Food Ark USA Award for his work in sustainable small-scale agriculture.

Available April 2005 | Paperback | $30.00 | 1-931498-76-8 | 8 x 10 | 352 pages

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