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ISBN: 9781890132057
Year Added to Catalog: 1999
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w photographs and illustrations, 8-page color section, sources, glossary, bibliography, index
Number of Pages: 8 x 10, 250 pages
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Old ISBN: 1890132055
Release Date: April 1, 1999
Web Product ID: 267

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Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens

by Alan Scott, Daniel Wing

Table of Contents

  Acknowledgments vi
  Preface ix
Introduction Looking for Real Bread, Finding Masonry Ovens xiii
Chapter One Naturally Fermented Hearth Bread 1
Visit: Upland Bakers, Marshfield, Vermont 18
Chapter Two Bread Grains and Flours 23
Visit: Giusto’s Specialty Foods, South San Francisco, California 41
Chapter Three Leavens and Doughs 43
Visit: Sands, Taylor, and Wood (King Arthur Flour), Norwich, Vermont 69
Chapter Four Dough Development 72
Visit: Acme Baking Company, Berkeley, California 89
Chapter Five Baking, Ovens, and Bread 93
Visit: Consulting and Marketing Services, South San Francisco, California 108
Chapter Six Masonry Ovens of Europe and America 113
Visits: American Flatbread, Warren, Vermont 123
  The Cheese Board, Berkeley, California 127
Chapter Seven Preparing to Build a Masonry Oven 129
Visits: Mugnaini Imports, Watsonville, California 149
  San Juan Bakery, San Juan Bautista, California, and
Home Fires Bakery, Leavenworth, Washington
Chapter Eight Masonry Materials, Tools, and Methods 157
Visit: Cafe Beaujolais, Mendocino, California 169
Chapter Nine Oven Construction 173
Visit: Depot Town Sourdough Bakery, Ypsilanti, Michigan 193
Chapter Ten Oven Management 195
Visits: Della Fatoria, Petaluma, California 210
  Rani and Keith, Garberville, California 213
Chapter Eleven A Day in the Life at the Bay Village Bakery 216
  Bakers' Resource: Sourdough Microbiology 227
  Recommended Sources 233
  Glossary 236
  Bibliography 243
  Index 246

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