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ISBN: 9780963452061
Year Added to Catalog: 2004
Book Format: Paperback
Book Art: b&w illustrations, resources and references, glossary, index
Number of Pages: 6 x 9, 288 pages
Book Publisher: OttoGraphics
Old ISBN: 0963452061
Release Date: March 17, 1995
Web Product ID: 156

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The Backyard Berry Book

A Hands-on Guide to Gardening Berries, Brambles, & Vine Fruit in the Home Garden

by Stella Otto

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Success with Backyard Berries
Section I. Getting to the Roots - Fundamentals of Small Fruit Growing
2. Selecting the Right Site
Selecting and Preparing the Site - Nutrients, Soil pH, & Organic Matter - Soil Drainage - Windbreaks
3. Plant Selection and Propagation
How to Judge a Healthy Plant - Selecting Specific Varieties - Propagation Methods & Techniques
4. A Bit of Berry Botany
Parts of the Plant and Flower - What is a Berry? - Fruit Bud Development - Chilling Requirements - Pollination - Cold Hardiness
5. Soil Nutrition and pH
Photosynthesis - Soil pH - Choosing a Fertilizer - Functions & Sources of Plant Nutrients - Soil and Tissue Testing - Understanding Soil Test Results - Fertilizer & Water: How Much? - Mulching - Compost
6. Pest Control Strategies
Approaches: Cultural, Chemical, Organic, and Biological - Integrated Pest Management - Effective Pest Control - Safe Handling of Pesticides
7. Insect: Friend or Foe, Pest or Predator
Insect Life Cycles - Identification - Encouraging Beneficial Insects
8. Disease Identification
Fungus & Bacterial Diseases - Viruses & Miscellaneous Disorders
9. Wildlife Pests
Birds - Deer - Rodents

Section II. Early Spring Fruit
10. Strawberries
11. Rhubarb

Section III. Brambles
12. Bramble Basics
13. Raspberries
14. Blackberry

Section IV. Bush Fruit
15. Blueberries
16. Lingonberries
17. Currants and Gooseberries

Section V. Vine Fruit
18. General Characteristics and Culture of Grapes
19. Bunch Grapes
20. Muscadine Grapes
21. Kiwi Fruit
Site and Soil Requirements - Pollination - Varieties - Planting - Fertilizer and Water - Pruning - Pests and Diseases - Harvest

Section VI. Resources
Troubleshooting Q & A - Seasonal Activity Calendar - Sources of Plant Stock - Associations, Publications, & Further Reading - Glossary - Index

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