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ISBN: 9781603582285
Year Added to Catalog: 2009
Book Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 3/8
Number of Pages: 160
Book Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Release Date: July 1, 2009
Web Product ID: 487

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Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform

How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer

by Howard Dean, Faiz Shakir, Igor Volsky

Associated Articles

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2009 2:40:00 PM

Poll shows desire for tort reform in health care package

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - A majority of Americans say tort reform measures should be taken to drive down healthcare costs, a new poll shows.

At a time when the U.S. Senate is mulling legislation that would reshape health care in the country and the need for medical liability measures is being debated, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday shows 57 percent of voters feel caps on damages should be placed on medical malpractice suits.

Forty-seven percent of those polled also believe tort reform can help ease healthcare costs, while 28 percent do not and 25 percent are undecided.

The Senate plan, opposed by all 40 Republicans, lacks legal reforms such as a cap on medical malpractice awards -- something sought by doctors.

"We know that our patients -- insured and uninsured, elderly and poor -- need a much more efficient, effective, and accountable healthcare system," Texas Medical Association President Dr. William Fleming III recently said. "But, on the whole, the Senate health plan is bad medicine for our patients."

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Live Pulse
November 30, 2009

Without the public option, the health care bill "is worthless and should be defeated," Howard Dean told Yale University students Monday. 

The Yale Daily News posted a short item on its website (with a longer story expected Tuesday) reporting the harsh assessment from the former DNC chair and Vermont governor:

"Congress isn’t going to pass a bill that reforms health care," Howard Dean '71 said. "What we want is to have the kinds of choices so that we can reform health care."

Read the whole article here.



What Howard Dean Doesn't Like About The Senate's Health Care Reforms
By Megan, 3:40 PM on Tue Jul 21 2009

For some Americans, the push for health care reform seemed like the perfect time to get Howard Dean involved in national policy. Unfortunately, Barack Obama disagreed. But Dean's got something to say about how reforms are shaping up anyway.

First off, Dean thinks that bipartisanship on health care reform is bullshit.

I think it's a very good thing [that the Democrats might not get bipartisan support for their bill]. I think the Republicans have correctly diagnosed that the way to stop Obama is to stop the health-care bill. They're determined not to have a bill. In the long run, we're going to have to do this on our own.

In other words, since the Republicans have now announced their intention to kill the bill for political reasons regardless of what it contains, fuck 'em. They had their chance.

Besides which, if Obama wants to take credit for it in 3 years when he's running for reelection — let alone the House and Senate members who are up for reelection next year — they've got to be able to have something to show to their constituents that they, and they alone, are responsible for. And Dean's got the best idea this underinsured freelancer's heard all year.

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The Washington Post
Daily Dose

Dean Backs Obama Health-Care Plan
By Philip Rucker

Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and Democratic National Committee chairman who once practiced as a family physician, threw his support behind President Obama's health-care legislation Tuesday, telling a group of college students that a public insurance option is critical to overhauling the nation's $2.3 trillion health-care system.

"Any reform without a public option is not worth passing," Dean told about 200 college students at a mid-day session in Washington hosted by Campus Progress, the youth outreach arm of the liberal Center for American Progress. "The public option is absolutely essential.... If you want to get a new result, you've got to try something different."

Dean, who is promoting his new book, "Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform," criticized for-profit health insurance companies and said a government-run insurance option would help cut costs across the health-care system.

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The Huffington Post

Howard Dean Dismisses Criticism Of Work For Biotech, Accuses Media Of Devouring GOP Talking Points On Health Care
Sahil Kapur | HuffPost Reporting
First Posted: 07-21-09 03:19 PM | Updated: 07-21-09 04:28 PM

Speaking about health care on Tuesday, Gov. Howard Dean said the media "hate that they can't take down Obama, so they're using every Republican talking point to try." According to Dean, health reform is "doing very well."

Dean, a physician who is closely involved with the issue politically, emphasized the importance of a public health care option to compete with private insurers. A bill without such a provision is "not worth passing" as it would not control costs, he argued, at a conference hosted by Campus Progress in Washington, D.C.

"Let the American people choose" between private and public medical care, he said, claiming that a public option would force private insurers to get their act together.

Dean accused Republicans of being "enemies of reform" and didn't take kindly to Sen. Jim DeMint's admitted desire to kill the bill as a way of hurting Obama. On passing the bill, he said "if we have to do it through reconciliation, let's do it."

Private insurance is "not only expensive, it's killing the country," he said. "It's a job crusher and we're losing jobs to Canada -- let alone China and India -- because businesses are crippled by health care costs."

Read the whole article here.

The New Republic
The Treatment

TNR Staff
July 21, 2009 | 1:00 pm

Today, former DNC chairman, Vermont governor, and 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean spoke at Campus Progress about the health reform debate. While he does not have a formal stake in the fight, he is eminently quotable. Here are some highlights:

On private insurers: "If they don’t change, then they should go out of business.”

On the public option: "The reason we need a public option is to teach Americans that there is a better system, a system like Medicare. ... If it doesn't have a public option it's not worth passing."

Read the whole article here.

Daily Kos

The cost of no public option

by Devilstower
Sun Jul 12, 2009 at 07:00:05 PM PDT

There's a lot of arguing about the cost of the public option. The plan put forward by the HELP committee, is expected to cost $600 billion. The numbers (plucked from extremely well researched thin air) by the GOP insist the final number will be well above a trillion.

But what does it cost us to not have a public option?

Some of the costs of not having a public option are simple to calculate, but immeasurable in value. Infant mortality rates in the United States are 6.37 deaths/1,000 live births.  A sampling of other industrialized nations with public health care finds the United Kingdom at 5.01 deaths / 1,000 live births. Canada at 4.63. France at 3.41. If the United States infant mortality matched that of the United Kingdom, just under 6,000 fewer infants would have died in the United States last year. If we could match France around 13,000 fewer infants would have died.

Let's move to the other end of the spectrum. As of 2009, life expectancy in the United States is 78.11 years. Which sounds pretty good, until you realize it puts us one slot above Albania. For the United Kingdom, this number is 79.01 years. For France it's 80.98. For Canada, 81.23.  for the United States, that means about 270,000,000 years lost compared just to the slightly better numbers of the UK. 936,000,000 years lost compared to Canada. Want to stick a monetary value on it? Say that just a fourth of these Americans in their golden years are pulling down 20 hours a week and getting minimum wage to wave you into the local big box or bag your groceries. That's $442 billion worth of time lost compared to the UK. About $1.5 trillion lost if those workers had lived as long as Canadians.

Read the whole article here.

Espresso to the Rescue for Dean
By PATRICK McARDLE STAFF WRITER - Published: June 29, 2009

MANCHESTER – When former Vermont Gov. and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean was invited to talk about his new book on health care reform on Stephen Colbert's television show, he had a small problem dealing with a visual medium: No book.

"Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer" had already been written by Dean, Faiz Shakir and Igor Volsky, but the book doesn't go on sale until July 1 and White River Junction-based publisher Chelsea Green didn't have a copy Dean could hold up on "The Colbert Report."

Fortunately, Chelsea Green president and publisher Margo Baldwin knows Chris Morrow, owner of the Northshire Bookstore, and the independent book store in Manchester has an Espresso Book Machine.

The Northshire, the first bookstore to offer the machine, uses it to print books "on-demand." The machine can print and bind books on an as-needed basis so that the store does not need to keep extra stock.

Morrow said it was a simple process to make up the copies that Dean took with him for his appearance on the popular Comedy Central show.

"They just had to e-mail us a couple of files," he said.

Baldwin said when she saw the results on Colbert's show, she was very pleased.

"I thought (the book) looked great. I was a little nervous because I had never seen one of the books printed by the Espresso machine, but it looked very high-quality and professional," she said.

While Baldwin said it would have been nice to have the book ready in time for Dean's appearance on television, she said the renewed national debate on health care, led by the efforts of President Barack Obama's administration, would make the book relevant.

On the Colbert show, which aired June 23, the host joked that Dean "could never give me a kidney because my body would reject it as being too liberal."

"Why do we need real health care reform? Whatever happened to 'Walk it off?'" Colbert asked Dean.

The host also joked that even if there are 50,000,000 Americans without health care, continuing to deny them coverage should bring those numbers down quickly. Dean replied that Colbert's suggestion was the "essence of the Republican plan."

Baldwin said that Chelsea Green, which describes itself as the preeminent publisher of books about the politics and practices of sustainable living, had approached Dean about writing a book.

"Once he agreed, it became obvious the book should be about health care reform," she said.

Read the whole article here.


Outside the Beltway, Dean Manages to Stay in the Debate

By Philip Rucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 19, 2009; 11:25 AM

POLAND SPRING, Maine -- Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean is emerging as a thorn in the side of a White House that effectively swept him out of Washington, regularly challenging President Obama and Congress as he crisscrosses the country, preaching his progressive vision for universal health care.

"The worst thing that could happen is to pass a bill without a public option," Dean told an assembly of Democratic activists in a fiery speech at a pep rally and picnic here last weekend. "Then we'd put 60 billion new dollars a year into the health insurance industry that is busy taking away your health insurance when you need it most, stopping you from getting health insurance, taking it away if you lose a job and not giving it back to you if you get it back."

Some 200 union workers and Democratic volunteers who knocked on doors and tirelessly turned out voters for Obama last November rallied Sunday under the blistering afternoon sun at a lakeside park here behind a different leader. With Obama seeming to back away from a public option in his health-care-reform plan, the liberals embraced Dean as their spokesman of the moment as he asserted that reform without a government-run insurance option is hardly reform at all.

Read the whole article here.


The Huffington Post

Cenk Uygur, Host of The Young Turks
Posted: June 19, 2009 05:16 AM
Where in the World is Kathleen Sebelius?

Right now, the House and the Senate are about to engage in an epic battle on whether to include the public option in health-care reform or not. Or at least, we hope it's epic and that the House Democrats don't lie down on this.

Rep. Donna Edwards was on our show and told us that in her opinion the House will not agree to a bill without the public option. She said, "I think that there is absolutely a strong sentiment in the House of Representatives, frankly, that we will not get a bill through there if we don't have a strong robust public option."

Great. At least someone's fighting for real health-care reform. I know one other guy who's been doing his fair share of the heavy lifting -- Howard Dean. He's been on nearly every show (including ours) explaining what the public option is and why it makes sense. He's been an absolutely fantastic advocate for what appears to the Obama administration proposal. So, the question is -- why is he all alone out there?

I've seen a great variety of Republicans all over TV trying to bury the public option in an avalanche of lies. They continue to say, without a hint of irony, that the public option will be an inefficient government run bureaucracy and that it's so good that the private insurance doesn't have a chance to compete with it. Which one is it, boys?

So, where are the Democrats? Where is the Obama administration? Where is Kathleen Sebelius? Why isn't she on every cable show pushing for the Obama plan at the critical time when the public has to be won over? Why aren't there dozens of people from the administration blanketing TV to make their case?

Miraculously, a new NBC/WSJ poll indicates that 76% of the population is already in favor of the public option. Either people must love this idea or Howard Dean is the best one-man fighter we've ever seen (maybe both). But, of course, some Senate Democrats have already given up on the idea. Yeah, why would you support something that only 76% of the country is in favor of? Better to side with your Republican buddies in the Senate in the name of bipartisanship.

In reality, of course, this has nothing to do with bipartisanship. This has to do with the fact that a lot of the Democratic senators are also bought off by the private insurance companies. They don't give a damn how many Americans support it or how much sense it makes, they want to keep their lobbyist checks rolling in.

Now, the only way to fight against that is to have a president who is willing to unleash everything he's got to put enough pressure on these guys to do the right thing. Otherwise, of course, the lobbyists are going to win. This is the time. Send in the heavy hitters.

Don't get me wrong, I love that we don't have Tom Daschle as the Secretary of HHS at this point, given what we know about him now. What an unbelievable sell out that guy is. It would have been a disaster to have his spearheading the health-care initiative. So, I'm thrilled to have Sebelius instead, by comparison (although Dean clearly seems like he would have been the better option, as we said at the time). But she has to prove herself now. If she believes in the health-care reform she presumably helped to craft, then she has to fight for it.

Over the next couple of weeks, we should get to the point where we are sick of seeing Kathleen Sebelius on TV. Here is how the conversation between you and your TV should go, "Okay, okay, I got it. The public option is just a choice that the consumers would have. It would be cheaper and cover everybody. And if people don't like it, they could just stay with their own private insurance. There's no way to argue with it. I got it already, Kathleen!"

I guess 76% of the population supporting it isn't good enough for some of the Senate Democrats, so the Obama administration has to push that number higher until the Democratic senators cry uncle.

This is the test of whether Obama will actually fight for things he says he cares about, or if we will have four long years of capitulations disguised as smart, bipartisan compromises. Will it be politics as usual or will we get the real change we voted for?

Maybe we should go out and have rallies wearing green to get the results we voted for. If the Obama administration doesn't start fighting for real change, then maybe we have to start asking -- Where is My Vote?

Watch The Young Turks on You Tube


CQ Politics

June 15, 2009 – 12:24 a.m.

Will Book Get Howard Dean Into National Health Debate?
By David Nather, CQ Staff

In four years, Howard Dean went from high-decibel presidential candidate — and mobilizer of mostly young, liberal voters — to low-key, nuts-and-bolts chairman of the Democratic National Committee, telling his party to broaden its appeal by talking to the red states again.

Now, he has no official platform in politics or government.

So the former Vermont governor is trying to return to his role as a mobilizer of mostly young, liberal voters — and anyone else who will listen — with a book on health care that stresses the importance of including a government-run health plan in the package Congress is starting to consider.

The proposal, typically called the public plan option, is one of the most controversial elements of this summer’s blossoming health care debate, and it is being rejected by Republicans and some centrist Democrats. But in the book, “Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform,” Dean says President Obama and congressional Democrats shouldn’t compromise the public option away just for the sake of bipartisanship. Without it, he says, the private health insurance system will have no incentive to reduce costs and eliminate the gaps in patients’ coverage.

The point of making the case for the public option, Dean says, is “to let the American people know that they should have a choice, and the choice should be up to them, not the government and not the insurance companies.”

The book highlights the role Dean — a physician who had a family practice with his wife, Judith Steinberg, before entering politics — is trying to carve for himself since his term as DNC chairman ended in January. His “50-state project,” which set up party operations in heavily Republican states to make sure no state got written off, helped revitalize the Democrats’ fortunes. But he had fought with then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel , now Obama’s chief of staff, over strategy and is now out of power; he had hoped to become Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary, but was passed over.

Dean consequently is free to promote liberal priorities without being forced to hold his tongue. When Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut, another former DNC chief who’s one of the Senate’s leading health care negotiators, signaled a willingness last week to consider alternatives to the public option, Dean maintained just a sliver of the diplomacy he used to exercise as party chairman. “I think Sen. Dodd is doing the best he can under the circumstances,” Dean said, but “at the end of the day, bipartisanship doesn’t do us any good if we end up with a crummy bill.”

In substance, Dean’s ideas for a health care overhaul don’t differ much from Obama’s. His main twist is to suggest simply giving medical care to all Americans younger than 30 and subsidizing insurance for older adults who can’t afford it — a way of bypassing Obama’s doubts about whether it’s fair to require all Americans to buy medical coverage.

The real question, though, is whether Dean’s views will make a difference. Some liberal leaders are cheering him on, but those who have to answer to a broader spectrum of interests are lukewarm. “We need everybody,” says Ralph Neas, chief executive officer of the National Coalition on Health Care, which includes labor unions, business organizations, consumer groups and retirement funds. “That’s not to say everybody will agree with every position he takes. But his expertise, his experience and his commitment will be respected by everybody.”

Still, others say Dean’s return to health care policy brings his political career full circle, since he was always more interested in public policy than in political management. “I think public policy is his real love,” says Harold Ickes, who was a Clinton White House aide and a senior adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton ’s presidential campaign. “Doing what he’s doing right now puts him right in the middle of a national debate, and he has something to add to that debate. And he has a following that can be mobilized.”

Dean notes, “The reason I got involved in politics in the first place was to make sure we have universal health care.” And he’s not just aiming his book at young progressives, he says: “I see myself as speaking to a broader audience. Anyone who’s interested in health care, I want to talk to them.” Now, he’ll have to hope there’s a broader audience that wants to listen.


U.S. News & World Report

Washington Whispers
by Paul Bedard

Howard Dean Is New Chairman of Progressive Book Club
June 03, 2009 03:46 PM ET | Paul Bedard

By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Howard Dean, the former Democratic Party chairman who has turned his attention to healthcare reform, is moving into the publishing world to push progressive causes in much the same way conservatives did 40 years ago. Dean has been named the new chairman of the board of the Progressive Book Club, which models itself after the Conservative Book Club. The appointment comes as he is also preparing to release his first book since leaving the party chairmanship, Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medicare Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer. The book aims to bolster President Obama's plan to offer public healthcare plans for the uninsured and those dissatisfied with employers' plans. Explaining his role with the book club, Dean posted a note on the club's website today comparing the progressive effort to the conservative game plan. "Conservatives have long used books—and book clubs—to legitimize their ideas and bring credibility to their principles and policies," he penned. "I believe Progressive Book Club has an invaluable role to play in keeping progressive ideas and values at the center of the national debate as we continue to move America in a new direction." Friends say the new post is a good fit with his other role as a founder of grass-roots Democracy for America, which is another arm of his healthcare reform bid.


Publishers Weekly

Chelsea Green Crashing Howard Dean Health-Care Book
By Rachel Deahl -- Publishers Weekly, 6/1/2009 1:56:00 PM

Former DNC chairman and presidential hopeful Howard Dean is bringing his medical background to bear in a new book on health care from Chelsea Green. Dean, who was an M.D. before entering politics, has signed with the indie publisher for Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Health-care Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer. The paperback original is being crashed for this summer; it will be available in e-book formats on June 8 and in paperback on July 1 as well as available as an iPhone app.

According to Chelsea Green, the 144-page book "outlines a practical, pragmatic approach [to health care] as proposed by President Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign, and the arguments the opposition will use to prevent a system that includes the 48 million Americans who are forced to live without health insurance." Margo Baldwin, publisher of Chelsea Green, added that Dean "has been a passionate advocate for reform for a long time and, as a physician, has a unique perspective on what is needed and what will actually work."

May 29, 2009
Dean to release book on health care reform
Posted: 02:22 PM ET
From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart


WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former DNC chairman Howard Dean is coming out with a new book that makes the case for Democrats' ambitious plans to reform the country's health care system.

"America has had 'socialized' medicine since 1964,'" Dean writes in the book, according to a release issued Friday. "'It's called Medicare; it covers every American over 65, and they are very happy with the program. The rest of America deserves a similar option.'"

The 2004 presidential candidate's book will be electronically published first, released as an e-book on June 5 and then as a paperback on July 1. The book will also be made available through an Apple iPhone application.

Dean, the former governor of Vermont, was a practicing physician before entering politics.


ABC News

The Note
The Return of Howard Dean

June 01, 2009 11:36 AM

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Attendees at this week’s gathering for progressive activists in Washington, the “America’s Future Now” conference, aren’t getting an appearance from President Obama.

But they are hearing from Howard Dean.

As Congress prepares to take up health care reform efforts in earnest, Dr. Dean is reemerging as a major voice inside the Democratic Party -- playing an inside-outside game that’s might make him to health care what former Vice President Al Gore is to the environment.

Suddenly, Dean is everywhere, talking up the issue that first animated his presidential candidacy in 2004 (though would later become subsumed by the war in Iraq).

He’s out with a new e-book next week (the print version comes out next month) offering his “prescription” for health reform. He’s just been named chairman of the Progressive Book Club, a new idea factory for the political left.
Through the Democracy For America network that grew out of his campaign, he’s traveling the country to tout health care reform, with today’s appearance at the progressive conference the latest attempt to fire up the grassroots.

Last week alone, he appeared at town-hall style meetings in Denver, Des Moines, and Wilmington, Del., to talk about the importance of major health care reform. That's on top of Web chats, robo-calls, and conference calls with key constituency groups.

 “This is Dean's latest crusade, prodding Congress -- and prodding Americans to prod Congress – to pass the type of health care reform President Obama proposed last year on the campaign trail,” Jill Lawrence writes for Politics Daily.

Dean’s efforts align broadly -- though not necessarily in every detail -- with the White House and congressional efforts to enact a health care overhaul this year.

Dean’s main point in his public rounds is that anything Democrats pass must include a “public option” -- perhaps the most contentious item, in addition to health care financing, in negotiations on Capitol Hill.

Dean made little secret of his desire to be a direct part of the president’s health care efforts. After Tom Daschle bowed out of his Cabinet appointment, Dean and his allies pressed Dean’s case to become Health and Human Services secretary.

He wound up without a formal role in the Obama administration. Having ended his term as DNC chairman after the election, and with a famously cool relationship with the new White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, his next step wasn’t clear.

But Dean has kept in close contact with key congressional offices, as well as with the White House and its main allies. He’s in regular touch with Daschle -- who’s still playing an important, if informal, role in health care reform -- and met recently with Emanuel and David Axelrod, the president’s top political adviser.

Asked if he’s talking to the White House about his push for health care reform, Dean told Jill Lawrence, “Yeah, sort of.” Is he getting any encouragement? “Not necessarily,” he said. 


PR Newswire

 Governor Howard Dean Named Chairman of the Board of Progressive Book Club

NEW YORK, June 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Progressive Book Club (PBC), the New York-based on-line bookseller, announced today that Governor Howard Dean will chair its Board of Directors. A pioneer in the Netroots movement, the outgoing chairman of the Democratic National Committee, six-term governor of Vermont and 2004 presidential candidate brings a wealth of experience in building on-line activist communities.

Accepting the PBC chairmanship, Governor Dean affirmed his longstanding commitment to progressive politics and his abiding faith in the power of grassroots activism. "I believe the Progressive Book Club has an invaluable role to play in keeping progressive ideas and values at the center of the national debate as we continue to move America in a new direction," he said in a message to PBC members on the club's website. "Together we must identify and give rise to the progressive voices and ideas of a new generation, and empower people to take ownership in their democracy."

Governor Dean will help lead PBC's efforts in showcasing the ideas and the thinkers that are critical to building a dynamic and enduring progressive movement. From Thomas Paine to President Barack Obama , books have galvanized the human spirit and fueled movements that have changed the course of history.

 Governor Dean understands the power of words, ideas and books -- and how they can move us toward resolving America's most significant challenges. His soon-to-be-published new book, Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Health Care Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer, offers the kind of thinking that focuses our attention in a practical way to deal with the challenging issues before us.

Elizabeth Wagley , PBC founder and CEO said, "Bringing Governor Dean on to the PBC leadership team marks a significant milestone in our company's history. As we celebrate the first anniversary of our launch, we are very grateful to be moving forward with an energetic, engaged activist-leader by our side. The Governor understands our business and the significant role our members can play in ensuring a progressive future for all Americans."

About PBC

Progressive Book Club has transformed the traditional book club model and created a 21st century platform that enables people who want to learn, connect, debate, and support progressive causes.

PBC is an online business that finds and promotes important books and authors, harnessing the power of the Internet to promote progressive ideas. Part bookseller and part online magazine, the club offers a unique opportunity to buy new books while supporting progressive causes with every purchase.

The distinguished members of the Progressive Book Cub Editorial Board include Dorothy Allison , Daniel Berger , Joan Bingham , Duncan Black , Arthur Blaustein , David Brock , Michael Chabon , Sandra Cisneros , Ken Cook , Maureen Corrigan , Jon Cowan , Mark Danner , Edwidge Danticat, Laura Dawn , Dave Eggers , Harold Evans , Jeff Faux , Eric Foner , Todd Gitlin , Hendrik Hertzberg , Maxine Hong Kingston , Erica Jong , Barbara Kingsolver , George Lakoff , Lewis Lapham , Bill McKibben , Laura Miller , Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, Orlando Patterson , John Podesta , Robert Scheer , Gail Sheehy , Andy Stern , Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jim Wallis , Amy Wilentz , and Susan Ford Wiltshire .

SOURCE Progressive Book Club


Think Progress

Reneging on pledge to give Obama his ‘silence,’ President Bush criticizes Obama’s health care plan.

After initially stating that he wanted President Obama to “succeed” and that he owed Obama his “silence,” President Bush yesterday decided to reverse course and criticize the President. The former President took aim at Obama’s desire to introduce a public health insurance option for Americans:

“There are a lot of ways to remedy the situation without nationalizing health care,” Mr. Bush said. “I worry about encouraging the government to replace the private sector when it comes to providing insurance for health care.”

Asked by the evening emcee at the 104th annual Manufacturer and Business Association meeting if he finds the new president’s policies “socialist,” Mr. Bush started then stopped.

“I hear a lot of those words, but it depends on…,” he said, breaking off. He later offered a more diplomatic assessment: “We’ll see.”

Former Gov. Howard Dean, a strong advocate of a public plan, responded to Bush’s criticisms this morning on NBC’s Today Show. “We’ve had a government system for 50 years,” Dean said. “The Republicans didn’t like it then — it’s called Medicare. Everybody over 65 is already in the government system. Let the people who are under 65 make a choice.” Watch it:

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds that 76 percent of respondents believe that it is “extremely” or “quite” important to “give people a choice of both a public plan administered by the federal government and a private plan for their health insurance.”


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