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WATCH: The Transition Cities Conference: The Movie

Transition movement founder Rob Hopkins [1], author of The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience [2], speaks at the inaugural Transition Cities Conference in Nottingham in this video, which comes to us from our friends at the Transition Network [3].

This conference has come about because since the whole Transition idea and movement started, there have been people all over the country and further afield trying to apply the Transition model to their work in cities. And they felt that it was really important for us to have an event that specifically drew all those people together so that we could ask: “What’s working? What’s not working? Does the model meet all the needs that you have? What tools have you developed? What insights have you generated?” And to be able to pull all that in so that we could revise and refresh the Transition approach for cities.

Direct Link to YouTube [FFxpxbDL4kY] [4]