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WATCH: The Blue Vinyl Trailer

UPDATE: It was just pointed out to me by one of our FaceBook [1] fans that Blue Vinyl isn’t exactly new. A quick IMDB search confirms it’s from 2002. To which I say, what the hell! It’s new to me!

PS: Keep on keeping us honest, FaceBook fans. Community involvement is our bread and butter.


I just watched the trailer for Blue Vinyl, a new documentary about the polyvinyl chloride industry and one woman’s quest to replace this ubiquitous, toxic building material with natural alternatives—beginning with the vinyl siding on her parents’ house.

Look closely and you’ll see at least two Chelsea Green books prominently displayed at a conference of green builders: The Rammed Earth House and The Straw Bale House [2]. Just goes to show you, when it comes to green building, we’re on the cutting edge.

Not that I’m bragging or anything. I’m just saying.

Oh, go watch the trailer.

Direct Link to YouTube [5zbmkyoB_jQ] [3]


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