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‘Prince of Pickles’ to Preside Over Powell’s Pickle Day Party

Paula Crossfield, editor of Civil Eats [1], crowned Sandor Katz “Prince of Pickles” when she interviewed him [1] earlier this year. He’s also been dubbed the “fermentation guru,” [2]but that’s far less alliterative than what Katz often calls himself in interviews: A “fermentation fetishist.”

Katz’s passion for all things fermented makes his latest book, The Art of Fermentation [3], as zesty and exciting as a freshly opened crock of kim chi, not to mention a New York Times bestseller [4].

Do you have questions about sauerkraut, which Katz has dubbed his “gateway drug,” [5] or are you curious to learn from Katz about new ferments you’ve never tried — like kefir, kvass and kombucha. Katz’s new book is the most comprehensive guide available, and will introduce you to fermented foods from cultures around the world. If your garden produced a patch of plump peas this summer, you can pickle that! Or you can pickle a peck of perfect peppers, Sandor Katz will show you how.

If you’re in the Portland area (the incredibly pickle-friendly [6] Portland area), you will have the perfect opportunity to praise the Prince of Pickles in person. To celebrate National Pickle Day on November 14th, Powell’s City of Books [7] is hosting Katz for a talk about The Art of Fermentation, and a book signing [7]. Though, unlike the Portlandia episode Katz will keep his pickling panache strictly to truly edible items — no unused jewel cases, broken heels, or band aids. However, if we do say so ourselves – Katz’s chops are far superior to that of Fred Armisen’s. Maybe worthy enough for a cameo on Portlandia? Journalist Liz Crain is hosting Katz during his stay in Portland, and she’s also giving away a copy of the book (which you can get signed by Katz himself) [8]. Enter to win by leaving a comment on her post [8] about your favorite ferment. [9]Just in time for the holidays, we have combined Katz’s two classic books on fermentation (The Art of Fermentation [3] and Wild Fermentation [10]) with a DVD of one of his popular workshops. Get all three in one reduced-price set here [9]. . . . . .