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Matthew Stein: 12 Steps to Sustainability and the Emergency Survival Kit

Author Matthew Stein [1] (When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency [2]) recently spoke to Deborah Lindsay on “Tomorrow Matters,” a green talk show out of Monterrey, CA. In this interview, they discuss the “12 Steps for Making the Shift to Sustainability,” as well as the right way to prepare for a potential catastrophic event—everything from ice storms and wildfires to terrorist attack and (worst case scenario) nuclear winter.

Listen to the interview here. [3]

And if worse does indeed come to worst, and we fail to make the shift to sustainability—if whatever we choose to do turns out to be too little, too late—if a disaster strikes and the government drags its heels while the local infrastructure utterly collapses…. Well, you know the Boy Scout motto. Here’s Matthew Stein again, showing you exactly what you need to Be Prepared for an emergency in this video from Peak Moment Television [4]: