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August 2006

California and carbon

So California is taking the American lead in trying to do something about global warming. Pretty dang cool. California will become the first state in the country to require industries to lower greenhouse gas emissions under a deal struck Wednesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrats that could dramatically reshape the state’s economy…. By 2020, […]

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One mighty fine handbasket you’ve got there

All the better to go to hell in. More doom and gloom on the global warming front. Also, that reminds me that in this food issue of The Nation, Peter Singer says that Gidon Eschel and Pamela Martin says that the average American would reduce their contribution to global warming more by switching to a […]

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Bioneers–we’ll be there

You know about Bioneers? You know about the Bioneers conferences coming up? You know that lots of Chelsea Green authors will be at the conferences in Dartmouth, MA and San Rafael, CA? Now you do. CGers at Bioneers by the Bay (Dartmouth, MA, October 20-22) John Abrams Stephan Harding John Lash Lynn Margulis Gunter Pauli […]

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A big soap box for Eliot

Congratulations to Eliot Coleman, fabulous farmer, bodacious book writer, and now gnarly Nation contributor. Eliot’s included in the current Nation special issue on food, part of a forum of ideas on “one thing to do about food.” Kudos also to the editors at The Nation for doing this special focus issue. Hopefully it will become […]

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Thank you sir, may I have another

Let’s go down the list and see how one Party rule has served the American populace. I will underline the correct answer. Foreign affairs? Excellent Good Okay Mediocre Bad Worse than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick Domestic economy? Excellent Good Okay Mediocre Bad Like salt in an open wound (see poke-in-eye-with-stick […]

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Latest cribs from the CFRA newsletter

Naturally, I recommend to all that you subscribe to the newsletter directly, but in the meanwhile, I like to help spread the word a bit here and there. My favorites from the August issue are on labels that mean what they say; Whole Foods Market buying local; a poem paean to windmills; and more on […]

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Wow. I hadn’t realized that. reports the following “curiosity“: “We’re counting from the day Germany declared war on the US (December 11, 1941) to VE day (May 8, 1945). This is 1244 days. The Invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003 at 21:34 EST when the US began their first air strike on Baghdad. On August 15, 2006 […]

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Preaching in the belly of the beast

The good Dr. Sleeth was recently interviewed in The Washington Times, generally a frothing mouthpiece of wackazoid right-wingedness. But you know what they say about a broken clock (although clearly that saying was established before the advent of digital clocks. George W. Bush is a broken analog clock. Donald Rumsfeld is a broken digital clock. […]

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Lamont v. Lieberman

Is it a conspiracy by CNN or does Lieberman just always look like someone stepped on his face? Anyway, Lamont seems to be working more democratic magic in CT, gaining ground among undecideds and maybe even a few Republicans. Coolio.

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I’ve been busy

Still am. But will try to post some things nonetheless. (I love that word!)

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