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A Walk on the Wild Side

barn in distance with bushes along driveway

John and Nancy Hayden have spent the last quarter century transforming their organic vegetable and livestock operation into an agroecological, regenerative fruit farm, nursery, and pollinator sanctuary. They call it The Farm Between, and as we walk among the diverse medley of wildly burgeoning shrubs and trees, it becomes clear that the name is much…

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Resilience and the Lost Art of Agricultural Inventiveness

farm land

After twenty years in academia, Michael Foley began farming first in southern Maryland, and then in Willits, California, where he, his wife, and oldest daughter currently operate the small, diversified Green Uprising Farm. Foley is cofounder of the School of Adaptive Agriculture, a farmer training and education program where he is a board member and…

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Rethinking Pests, Invasive Species, and Other Paradigms

japanese beetle on flower

At the first sight of small chew marks on leaves or fruit mysteriously disappearing, you’ll want to get rid of the pest to protect your crop. Your first instinct might be to use pesticides or other forms of extermination. You can save yourself and your crops from using harmful methods by preparing and managing your…

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How to Make Biochar


For something that looks like a lump of charcoal, biochar certainly has a great press agent. The subject of books, articles, blog posts, research papers, workshop presentations, conference talks, and various top-ten-ideas-that-will-change-the-world lists. Its potential ability to address a variety of global challenges is indisputably large. So, how exactly do you make this strange material?…

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Inheriting the Earth

A vast look at land, mountains, and nature with a tree in the corner.

“[Call of the Reed Warbler is] the single most important book on agriculture today.—Paul Hawken Charles Massy is a visionary Australian farmer and the author of Call of the Reed Warbler. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his service as chair and director of a number of research organizations and statutory wool boards.…

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Extra, Extra! Chelsea Green Authors in the News

newspaper stack

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is working with an amazing roster of authors who are not only leaders in their fields but also passionate about spreading their knowledge to the world. So, when those authors are featured in the news talking about their books, sharing wisdom and insight, and getting people…

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